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We know that many white men fetishize Asian countries, and Asian women, as being “traditional,” “submissive,” and “family oriented.” Go on and look at the number of pictures of “white skinned” East Asian women being posted next to the slurs “k*ke, n*gger.” Many, many hyper racist, entitled, conservative, privileged white males marry Asian women simply because they are the only ones available to men who are marginalized for their social beliefs.

These same men harbor hatred of white society for rejecting them for their racist beliefs, which are linked to social ostracism and a desire for social order. John Derbyshire, Kyle Chapman, Richard Spencer, the Las Vegas shooter, Brian Ruhe, and a number of well known white nationalists specifically marry South and East Asian women. My father absolutely hated Muslims, blacks, Jews, gays, women, and immigrants, and suffered from severe mental illness that made him into a friendless conspiracy theorist who believed in Jewish world dominance, and was only able to marry a Chinese woman, who saw him as her key to being accepted and feeling “beautiful.” This was more than 30 years ago.

Tarrant is known to have visited Europe, South-East Asia and east Asia.

My father hated Muslims and Jews, and called them a death cult; he hated blacks and once told me to stop acting like a black man from New York; my mother threatened to kill herself multiple times after finding out that my father was a Holocaust denier who would stay up late listening to HAM radio from white supremacist channels around the country.

He was married to a Chinese woman.

Many unattractive white men who struggle with women go for Asian women, in particular, who they view as submissive and more family oriented, as opposed to white women. This doesn’t mean, by any stretch, that these white men are not racist. This has been occurring for over fifty years now.

My brother and I look and identify as Asian males, and have faced and continue to face racism for it.

This could be a stretch – but I might as well post it here.

If you go on, the hub of Nazism that included not just Tarrant, but other Neo-Nazi shooters, virtually the only women that are posted there are East Asian women. Since they are seen as submissive, traditional, white skinned, calm, clean, and a replacement for slutty, traitorous, white “mudsharks.”

Sexuality, violence, racism, idealism, masculinity, and white male entitlement is all linked. Look into the last few major shootings and there will be your trend.