One Nation (Australian nationalist party) leader says members ‘have Asian wives’ to deflect claims of having problems with Asians

A few years ago I (a half-Asian with a literal Nazi-sympathizer father) predicted that it was only a matter of time before white men with Asian wives would advocate against immigration – and it seems already that Mitch McConnell and a number of Australian men are doing so; despite being married to Asian women.

After all, when faced to choose between being alone due to white women not wanting anything to do with white racists – and marrying a “practically white” non-white woman – what do you think they would do?

White male / Asian women relationships, despite creating high-risk half-Asian children who clearly grow up to look like and identify as Asian males, might be the most pro-white relationship, antisocial relationship there is, if not the most anti-progressive – even more so than white male / white female.

There is a higher chance of a half-Asian man being raised by a man who hates Asian men, than a half-Asian man who is raised by a white couple. My father, and his mother, repeatedly called Asians “Orientals,” called Chinese money-obsessed “Jews of the Orient,” and repeatedly badmouthed immigration – way back in the 1980’s.


In this case – we are talking about millions upon millions of Asian looking boys – who are probably the most openly mocked in society – who are being raised by white men who hate immigration, diversity, Asian men, white women, black men, feminism, and change.

Why is this happening – and what will happen to the children of these men?

As I said repeatedly, White male and Asian women couples will take (and have taken) the place of the 1960’s White male and white female power couplings. The white ideals of 50’s America has been transferred to White males and East and Southeast Asian women, simply as a way to “reclaim” power from white feminists, and because Asian women are seen as “white skinned,” “traditional,” family oriented, clean, chaste, honorable women to replace wayward white women – who are seen as too slutty, feminist, or not deferring to white male power structures.

I am not jealous, nor am I insane for pointing this out. Literally ANYONE with eyes and ears has noticed this going on for years now.

I have been proven to really be Eurasian, doxxed and harassed by Neo-Nazis with yellow fever on 8chan (the same website that produced the New Zealand killer), and even harassed by Half Asians with white fathers.

My parents, in particular, had told me to identify as white for social benefit – and my father, who spoke two Asian languages and married a Chinese woman – was a Holocaust denier and paleoconservative who idealized people such as Richard Nixon, Ezra Pound, Adolf Hitler, Enoch Powell, and Mel Gibson. As a result, I too became enamoured with the far right, and flirted with Nazi ideals, after being pushed that way as a young man by my father, my own self-hatred and insecurity, and “friends” of mine who would routinely badmouth Jews, while dating Asian women yet mocking me for my Asian appearance.

The reason why One Nation – the most far right political party in Australia – has members with Asian (and only Asian) wives is fairly straight-forward. Asian women are fully supportive of anti-social, racist white males – white culture – and white children, whilst White men want a replacement White woman for the White women who reject them in favor of “non-traditional” lifestyles.

Since Asian women do not come from a “hostile”, dark skinned culture with “masculine men”, like blacks, Arabs, or Latinos, that pose a threat to white male masculine ideals – gentle, kind, white skinned, dainty, traditional, submissive, feminine Asian women are seen as the best replacement for hyper-racist white men – even those that hate Asians, want less Asian immigration, and hate Asian males and white women (despite the fact that these men can’t even tell half-Asians from full Asians; go on Youtube videos featuring half-Asian men, and the comment sections are filled with “ching chong” from the same white men who love Asian women).

Asian women, in turn, are so desperate for integration, status, and assimilation, and are so averse to marrying for love – that marriage to an Australian citizen merely for the social benefit of escaping an Asian country and her Asian facial features – is a viable, and pragmatic option.

My father was and is an extremely right wing white male, who hated immigration, constantly berated the migrant invasion of Europe, berated Jewish influence in Hollywood, hated blacks, “mudsharks,” and feminists – was married to a foreign born Chinese woman. To him, Asian women were a suitable alternative to white women, who he viewed as having become far too feminist, far too liberated, and far less family oriented than he hoped.

Asian women seem very happy to take up the mantle of whiteness. Not surprising when you consider Asia has a long, long history of emulating White ideals, hyping up European culture, copying European styles and behaviors, and even copying European beauty standards; add to the fact that in Asian culture, marriage is seen as only for pragmatic purposes, and unfortunately the only women willing to marry extremely anti-social, racist white men are Asian women, who see whiteness as social status over their peers.

When I was younger I too, at the behest of my father, took up extreme right wing politics: Anti-gay, anti-black, White nationalist politics. I was raised to believe I was white; my mother had praised my white features, and my father had treated me as if I was a replacement white child, feeding my since infancy with pro-white rhetoric, conservative rhetoric, and even reading me exclusively western literature to install in me a pro-European bent.

His hope, I think, was that his half Asian son was able to carry on the banner of whiteness in a “chaotic world.” This promptly ended the minute I noticed real whites – not the fake ones like myself – were treating me poorly because of my Asian blood, and I started being mocked for being Asian – even by Asian women, and the non-Asian men who dated them out of desperation.

Millions of half-Asian young men, who are subjected to extreme discrimination for their Asian blood and appearance, are being raised by Asian mothers desperate for integration, and white fathers who attempt to raise their half-Asian sons as white, with pro-white politics.

You are all foolish for ignoring this, and even more foolish for dismissing this as a small percentage; given that the common trends point to a growing number of extremists with an “Asian connection.” I understand that this is making the “feel good” culture of WMAF lose face – but unless you address it now, the Hapacalypse (which is a real thing) will reflect very poorly on you.