I’ve been warning people of this for ten years – about the severe mental issues of half-Asians born to racist parents. Anyone can look me up and find that I’m really Eurasian with a white dad / Asian mom. Ironically I was doxxed and harassed by 4chan AND 8ch – two neo-Nazi websites who hated me for exposing the racist yellow-fever of Neo-Nazis, and the two websites that were beloved by Tarrant.

Many white nationalists and hardcore racists – including Adolf Hitler himself – idolize East Asians as being “white skinned, civilized” “honorary Aryans,” who hate blacks, multiculturalism, and “degeneracy.”

Many of these white nationalists marry Asian women as a way to “get back” at white women for being liberals and “traitors,” and to gain a foothold in a stable, family-oriented, traditional culture – but mostly because Asian women are seen as “cute, white skinned, clean, chaste, non-slutty, family oriented, non-Jewed, and hateful of black and dark skinned men” – the ONLY women who these low status, ostracized men feel they have a shot with. 

In other words – racist men, who hate Asians and Asian men and feel intimidated by change and feminist non-Asian women, default to Asian women – despite raising sons who are forced to identify as Asian.

Many of the worst, most repugnant white men in the world specifically target Asian women as their only outlet for their loneliness and sexual frustration which translates into white supremacy and a desire to feel sexually validated by a woman – especially one who will “replace” white women. Asian women, in turn, do not understand racism in the west due to cultural and language barriers, and marry for social status and to have “white” babies for an “ease of life” and to attain “white privilege” – despite half-Asians mostly if not entirely looking Asian.

When I confronted my father about racism against Asians, since he and his mother too refer to Asians as “Orientals,” and my father, at one point, called Chinese the Jews of the Orient – my father only responded that “west and east have the same spirit.”

This is nothing new. Andrew Anglin – the most famous Neo-Nazi alive, has a clear, documented history with Asian, and only Asian women, while famously calling a mixed-race, Asian looking judge named Derrick Watson (the judge who fought against Trump’s Muslim ban) who “a gook with a pure Mongoloid phenotype.”

Male desperation for sex and companionship will cause men to overlook clear cognitive dissonance, even as a racist who is “forced” to find an Asian wife. Oftentimes the cognitive dissonance makes racists with Asian wives even more angry, and violent, especially against Asian and half-Asian men, the only thing they see as beneath them (see: /r/China). This is more often compouned by the harsh, asexual nature of the Tiger women that they married.

My father was a hardcore Nazi-sympathizer, Holocaust denier, anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-semite, homophobe who spoke two East Asian languages are married an Asian woman in an attempt to have a “nuclear family” with a stable, traditional, chaste, dainty, light skinned, clean, honorable, non-slutty, submissive, family oriented Asian girl. As you can imagine, this did a horrible number on my brother and I, who are both mixed race, have faced racism for being Asian – not only from non-Asian men, but Asian women too, who were desperate for social approval and married hyper-racist, ostracized white men.

This has been going on for 50-60 years, as white countries become more liberalized, and the most radical, ostracized white men flee to Asia and fetishize Asians and Asian women as the ideal countries, the ideal women, and the ideal families; with Asian women being seen as “practically white,” Asian men as the “small dicked” enemy, white women and black / Muslims / dark skinned men and women the enemy, and half-Asians (like Elliot Rodger) almost white – except when we look too Asian, and just become the enemy as well.

It’s only a metter of time before it’s revealed that Tarrant, like most Neo-Nazis like Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, and John Derbyshire, dated East or Southeast Asian women – the only women in the world who would take them. Keep in mind that the exodus of hardcore racists is going directly into Asia.

It’s also only another matter of time before some Nazi with Asian wives and kids goes on a shooting spree, openly supports a shooting spree, or one of their children does a shooting spree in the name of white supremacy.