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This has been going on for a long time and is alarmingly common – but people do not seem to want to talk about this, despite the fact that white supremacists are actually marrying and fetishizing Asian women as the saviors of the white man and the white race, since white women are “traitors” who embrace “degeneracy.”

I would say that a high, high percentage, if not all, of white men who fetishize Asian women have something called “racist tourette’s,” where they can’t help themselves from saying racist things about Asian men, black men, white women, etc. Anyone can find this without much effort.

The online world has been rife with this for decades, and the real world as well – such that /r/hapas shot to fame (roughly 70 to 80 million views) in only a few years, because the experiences of half-Asians with racist white fathers was so common, regardless of the image they were presenting, and how desperately WMAF tried to hide this fact, even after the explosive events of Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger and Based Stickman, and the rise of the alt-right.

Many, if not all, half-Asian men are actually victimized by white men who mock them for being Asian – despite raising half-Asian sons who look and identify as Asian.

Asian women, on the other hand, are “practically white,” behave modestly, are clean, chaste, family oriented, traditional Tiger Mothers who won’t sleep with “darkies.” They come from a “noble,” “almost white,” honorary Aryan culture that is “stable,” “un-Jewed,” and that looks up to and appreciates white people (unlike those filthy Muslims and Mexicans who take pride in their “violent culture”).

My father and mother both encouraged me to identify as white – because of the privilege, and actively praised by “tall nose,” “green eyes” and “light hair” (despite the fact that they turned much darker with age, and I was treated as an Asian person as I got older – something I wasn’t prepared for). Ironically I was made to feel less about myself, as a half-Asian man – by not only white people – but the Asian women who wanted to be white.

This all came to a background of a far-right white man who married a “white skinned” Asian woman in a desperate attempt to have a “nuclear, traditional” family.

WMAF is the only pairing on the planet that actively encourages white supremacy among their own children, and tries to pass it off as progressive. They continue to pull it off, trying to pass it off as a non-racist relationship, despite many people being fully aware of how racist white men are, and the Asian women who like them.

You can ignore this, or you can start talking about this, but the fact remains that I am the son of a Nazi sympathizer and a mentally ill Chinese Tiger Mom – and I won’t stop, because these men and their children are the greatest threat to progress on the planet, especially since there are now so many of us.

Also – as far as I understand, there are millions of woke Hapas out there that aren’t buying into the WMAF progressive myth, are ready and willing to spill the beans for the cause, and, unfortunately for everyone out there – understand what’s at stake here. We want revenge for the maltreatment of Asian men by society, for our mothers joining in white supremacy against us, and unfortunately for you, the only way to really get it is to make you all lose face.

There’s really no way that any of this is going to end without Hapas getting the final say.

There’s no way that biracial Asians are going to simply sit down and accept racism against half of ourselves, and racism against our own grandfathers, brothers, cousins, and friends. So please, keep it up. Please go on more mass shootings with an Asian wife at home. Please keep badmouthing Asian men in front of millions of half-Asian faces that will soon be dotting the Western world.