Dean Cain, who Wikipedia lists at 3/8th Japanese, was among the only people to attack “eggboy”, a teenaged kid who threw an egg at Fraser Anning, an Australian senator who mocked and blamed Muslims for their own massacre in New Zealand – saying that the mass murder was the result of people being afraid of Muslim immigration.



Fraser Anning is also ironically linked to One Nation (a far right, anti-immigration platform), which Pauline Hanson, another far-right politician, once defended as “not racist” because many One Nation members have Asian wives.

Dean Cain (literally former Superman, and the only non-white one, go figure, as ironically I’ve pointed out that he is a representation of famous Hapas with Asian fathers) bravely offered on Twitter to punch the kid. A 16 or 17 year old kid who weighs roughly 1/3rd of what Cain weighs.

Many half-Asians, including apparently those with Asian paternal lineage like Cain (whose father and grandfather were Asian), desperately want to prove they are just as masculine and no-nonsense as whites are. They want to prove they are not as violent, uncivilized and a threat as blacks, Muslims and Latinos are, going out their way to prove the Asian mantra that assimilation into the racist white power structure is the way to be a man.

Or, rather, the way to be anything, rather than Asian.

Quite literally – a race to the bottom in terms of human desperation for power. After all – Asians are the “model minority,” and “practically white,” and bending the rules pretty much constantly is part of the death cult called life (which Asians seem the most adamant about defending).

Just ask all of the racist white men in Australia with Asian wives that are “practically white,” and hope, along with their white fathers, to have “white children.”

Hell, at one point I was a Neo-Nazi, because my father was. Nobody, not even the Asians in my family, bothered to intervene despite knowing since the 80’s that my father was a Nazi.

Apparently many of these half Asians seem to have forgotten that 30 years ago most of their fathers would have been beaten in the streets Mark Walhberg style. But oh well – as long as Mr. Hapa boy, following the long line of Hapas such as Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw – gets to feel like a real man.

Dean Cain comes from a long line of Hapas, and only Hapas, being the only mixed race people to be openly and unapologetically conservative, regressive, and against common decency and kindness. All in a desperate attempt to match up with Asian mommy, or Asian daddy’s desire to feel like a real white person.

Keep in mind that the Chinese name for America literally translates into “Beautiful Country,” while that of Africa translates into “Empty Country.”

People who overlook how racist Asians are – and how racist the white people who marry them are – is also overlooking a massive fifth column when it comes to global progress.

Ironically Dean Cain played Superman, being one of the very few Hapas who are successful in America, probably as a result of having paternal Asian lineage rather than the usual self-hating Asian mom and white supremacist dad.

Tell me again how interracial marriage will end racism, when people get married explicitly for power and social status related to race?

This isn’t some alarmist conspiracy theory website. This is real world knowledge I am providing despite it being against my better interest, because I feel people should know. Not every hapa is going to be well adjusted. I get you want your feeling of an easy care free life – but at least try to understand what is going on here, before there is yet another “oh no” moment when a half Asian kid is sent off the deep end by his collective parents. And I see these “oh no” moments essentially daily.