For anyone who thinks that interracial marriage means less racism, I have some bad news for you.

One of these things is not like the other!

You know this, I know this, the media knows this, the world knows this – but you keep ignoring it because it’s not politically correct to talk about white men trying to escape political correctness, feminism, and being an “incel” with Asian – and only Asian – women.

It’s incredibly common (correction: has been common for decades) for racist, alt-right white men who love making Asian jokes to default to Asian women – because no one else will take these losers, other than self-hating Asian women who desperately want to integrate by entering into loveless marriages.

Actually – I won’t exaggerate and I’ll just say that you’re either willfully ignorant or flat out in denial when you say that these mentally-ill half-Asian children are not going to be the ones pulling the trigger (literally) in the future as mass murderers, cops, soldiers or politicians, since so many of us are born of the most repugnant, rejected, loser white men on the planet – who have no chance to reproduce other than with an equally repugnant, white supremacist, pragmatist, social-climbing Asian woman who wants “white babies”.

Literally read the following things I write about my father’s and my mother’s racism, and this weird psycho-sexual interaction between whites and Asians, and tell me how exactly half-Asians are supposed to be sane – because I’m not seeing it.

You tell me what this means for half-Asians as a whole, retroactively looking back on our 60 year history. You tell me why half-Asians, as a whole, are furious. Go outside and look at Half Asians and the expressions on our faces. You tell me why I shouldn’t rat my parents out, because, well, I don’t have a good enough reason not to.

This is what many half-Asians (in particular, the only mixed race to do so) have had to deal with for decades, while society turned a blind eye, literally ignoring and lying to biracial Asian children, and being gaslit by their own parents – until some really bad stuff happened.

Keep in mind: John Derbyshire, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, Richard Spencer, Brian Ruhe, Christopher Cantwell, and literally dozens of other prominent white nationalists are married to Asian women. There are probably thousands of these men in your own town. Loser, racist white men who can’t get white women, so settle for their knock-off replacements – low-self esteem having women who completely ignore racism in an attempt to “integrate” and have white children.

Find pretty much any white guy with an “Asian fetish,” and spend two minutes next to him – and tell me his kids aren’t going to have major, major mental problems. Every single time one of these “couples” says something that makes people anywhere in the world uncomfortable – I gain more influence.

In fact – there’s a higher chance an Asian looking biracial is raised by two racists of two different races, than if he were born to a white couple.

Let me share with you the things that have happened in my family, while my Anglo-German father was married to my Cantonese Chinese Hong Kongese mother. No white woman would ever have taken him, and, like most half-Asians will confirm, mommy and daddy didn’t really get along too well (think constant fighting, dead bedroom, separate beds, horrible things being said to each other, violence, screaming; my mom couldn’t deal with the fact that the white man she married was a racist loser – and my dad couldn’t deal with the fact that she wasn’t submissive and accepting of this).

In fact, I distinctly remember my father, after my mother tried to get me to marry a Chinese woman – telling me that “Chinese women are hard on their husbands.”

After all, getting married simply for race usually doesn’t make for a happy marriage or relationship – look at how these couples behave in public, walking five feet in front of the other, ignoring each other, scowling; the man bitter and angry that the woman will not stop berating and insulting him in private – both of them taking out their anger over their superficial “relationship” based on nothing but social climbing, complete with a dead bedroom, in various forms. Self-hatred will never, ever, ever, ever, ever – not in a million years – be love.

I mean, you wouldn’t get along, too, if your relationship was based on a race fetish, hatred, and revenge and wouldn’t exist if it were not for your racial-gender combination.

I will add to this list as I remember stuff over time.

  • My father denied the Holocaust, repeatedly
  • Said the Holocaust was a Jewish invention
  • “Jews are the children of Satan.”
  • Said Timothy McVeigh did nothing wrong
  • Loved Richard Nixon, telling me he was the greatest president of all time (I don’t even bother looking into this, but I’m sure someone else can tell me why)
  • Loved Ezra Pound
  • Prevented my mother from watching any Stephen Spielberg movies
  • Told me to “stop screaming at him like a black man from New York”
  • Mocked and insulted black men any time they appeared on TV
  • Listened to HAM radio into the late hours of the night
  • Believed in chemtrails, FEMA camps, and other crazy conspiracy theories
  • Read to me famous European authors and never once asked me how I felt being mixed race
  • Talked regularly with Mel Gibson’s father on the radio (this is true)
  • Believed multiculturalism was a Jewish plot
  • Called the Holocaust the “Holohoax”
  • Called Chinese people the “Jews of the Orient.”
  • Called 9/11 a Jewish plot
  • Refused to work because he believed the world was coming to an end
  • Refused to get half-Asian, Asian looking brother mental support because psychology was a Jewish plot
  • My mother, on the other hand, hated blacks and said that most black people had AIDS and referred to them as “hok wai” (or black ghost in Cantonese).
  • My father’s mother is even more racist and openly badmouths minorities and Chinese people in particular repeatedly in front of me and my Asian family, and cries when we call her racist

Oh, but what about my Asian family, you ask?

  • My cousins have repeatedly made racist comments about Asians and Chinese people, saying that they couldn’t wait to leave China and be around white people
  • My family repeatedly told me to embrace my white privilege (“use your white face”)
  • Constant comments about my eye color and white skin, and tall nose
  • Constant gaslighting and refusal to talk about my father’s racism, because it made them “lose face.”
  • My aunt’s boyfriends are all racist (some of them even being Jewish) who hate Chinese people – yet dated Chinese women with the belief that they wouldn’t “divorce rape” them like their last wives

Yeah, now keep in mind most half-Asians look entirely or even partially Asian, and have to live in a society that hates Asian faces and hones in on it as a way to attack and demean that which is seen as “abnormal.”

Tell me exactly how the Hapacalypse isn’t going to play out?

Keep in mind there are millions of half-Asian boys that come from horrific homes and are constantly – and I mean constantly – reminded by people around them, that they are inferior for being Asian, yet our collective mothers seem to love this because it makes them feel sexy. Keep in mind that most, if not all, half-Asian men face intense racism against us that makes us feel lesser than white people, with the full support of our Asian moms behind white supremacy.

It’s pretty much only a matter of time before some white guy with an Asian wife starts advocating for less Asian immigration – oh wait; that already happened. It’s too bad that most half-Asians look Asian, Arab, Latino, or even black.

Have fun with that. This is the world you wanted – so have fun living in it.