Before I start, let me say the most horribly racist things I’ve ever heard have come from my own family members. In second place comes from the desperate men (come to think of it, they would be called “incels”) who would exclusively chase after Asian women, thinking that they were easy as long as you weren’t an Asian male (probably true).

Which, conveniently, I, a half-Asian, was to them, since in this world it’s not enough to just win – you gotta make everyone around you lose. I’ve seen non-Asian guys attack me for “looking Asian,” while chasing after Asian girls – the only girls they thought they had a shot with. They had to make themselves look big.

My own mother hypocritically pressured me to marry only Asian, and used to attack me for dating black women (ironically the only women who are nice to Asian guys).

Similarly, for decades, white men with Asian “girlfriends” seemed to have something called “racist tourette’s” where they could never stop talking about white women, Asian men, minorities, feminism, etc.

The reason this is happening?

Low self esteem.

White male / Asian female couples, for whatever reason, have a perpetual vendetta against the world, and are not progressive, and we, their children, have to pay the price for their insecurity.

They rely entirely on white male fetishization as a way to achieve social success and social climbing within white society. Since Asian culture is cutthroat, extremely racist, extremely nihilistic and focused entirely on assimilation, status climbing and success (let’s be real, the most famous Tiger Mom was a Chinese woman routinely labeled as a hardcore racist that literally shocked white people for being even better than they were at being low-key racist – and she’s not the only one, joining Michelle Malkin, among others), marriage to a white man is tantamount – especially in America.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t love them, because they don’t.

That’s how they think. They’re hardcore racist nihilists and any half-Asian can attest that our mothers straight up admit to us that they hate our fathers, but married them for “assimilation.” Being Asian is a curse, you see, and a dead-end marriage to the most ignorant, racist, repugnant white men on the planet somehow means “success.”

Keep in mind most WMAF couples involve two people who look so incredibly emotionally distant, angry, and one or both of them looks as if they hate the other. I would, too, if my life goal was to marry a bald, sweaty, racist, incel white man.

All half-Asians are amazed at how similar our situations are – with our parents in a loveless, dead, sexless marriage, our fathers beaten down (and oftentimes turning to racism as a cope), and our hard-core nihilistic, racist Tiger mothers in total control.

Compare this to the average Asian man / Asian woman couple, or Asian man / non-Asian woman couple. It is so, so loving, and caring, and sweet, and usually, if not always – the woman looks so happy. So do the children.

Obviously, white men and Asian women, harassing AMWF and AMXF couples is par and parcel – for one reason. If they maintain Asian (and half-Asian) men at the bottom, and attack non-Asian women (who they truly believe more beautiful than themselves) who like Asian men – then they can continue to artificially climb and maintain their status as “replacement” white woman at whoever-is-in-charges’ side.

WMAF is – and I mean this truly, from the bottom of my heart – a replacement, white supremacist coupling that will stop at absolutely nothing to bring down the world around them in order to ensure “success.” They won’t even stop at harming their own children – going out of their way to attack half-Asians who look “too Asian.”

Attack Asian men and white women, and ugly, racist white patriarch + Asian Tiger Wives looks good. It looks normal. And so nobody will bat an eye as Asian women take the place of white women at the white supremacist’s side.

Celeste Ng wrote a book about her own experiences with all of her racist, depressed Asian girlfriends with their battered white husbands and mentally ill, depressed Asian looking sons – and spun it to be about a Chinese father and a white Tiger Mom. Right, okay.

Hate begets hate. It’s not enough to win, when it comes to these white nationalists with Asian brides, and Asian brides with white nationalist husbands. Others have to lose. It’s a perpetual vendetta against the world. Not a relationship.

And just FYI, the above girls’ experience isn’t anything unique.

I can literally dump dozens if not hundred of videos of white / black / Latina / Arab women with Asian husbands who are ruthlessly harassed by the Asian mother in law (and sometimes the white, Nazi boyfriend).

Why? Jealous. Hypocrites. Fake, pragmatist, non-loving, hypocritical, racist “marriage.” Right around the time when things might just be a little less racist than they were for thousands of years – along come Asian Tiger Moms and their white husbands; the new “valkyries” of white supremacy will be Asian women.

If you don’t believe me, literally just sort through AMWF videos on Youtube and see how nearly all of them (yes, all of themtalk about the Asian mother (and sometimes her white Nazi boyfriend) harassing Asian men / white women.

Here’s one to start.


As you can imagine, half-Asian heritage will always reflect our mothers’ racism and self -hatred.

There are millions of white supremacist, self hating, half-Asians out there, and they will be – I repeat – will be a major sociological problem in the coming years. Very, very few of us are willing to expose our parents’ racism, other than me and a handful of others, and the reason I do so is merely to warn you.

If you really think I’ve risked literally everything to bring this secret to the surface, and won’t stop despite being doxxed, simply because I find this fun – you’re wrong. I risk everything because this needs to be exposed.