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One could say that 4chan is just trolling – but they just produced the worst mass murder in New Zealand’s history – and most of us know that racist, leering, entitled white men adore Asian women as a symbol of white male power and dominance.

Most of us know of racist white men with Asian fetishes, and we have for years. Yet nobody seems to care, not realizing that the half-Asian children, who will endure intense racism from society, as well as from their own fathers (and mothers), are not going to adapt well to society.

Again – this has been going on for a long time, and the differences between WMAF and AMWF once again rear their head.

After all – the majority of successful half-Asians literally anywhere do indeed have Asian fathers (and these celebrities are well into their 30’s and 40’s now); this primarily is the case for a number of reasons, but mostly:

  • Pretty much any short, bald, loser white guy can get any Asian girl (these guys mistake white women having preferences for anything but short, bald white guys as “feminism”)
  • An Asian guy needs to be decent – and can get extremely beautiful white girls
  • White fathers are racist, Asian fathers less so
  • White guys who go for Asian girls are their own unique brand of repugnant
  • Asian mothers are racist pragmatists and white supremacist and encourage assimilation into whiteness and marrying for social benefit and to escape Asianness and isolation; white mothers less so
  • Society (and even our parents – yes, our mothers are extremely racist) is accepting of WMAF, not of AMWF (and hapas internalize this – ala Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, and a plethora of other half-Asian white supremacists)
  • Handsome, sane Asian men marry sane White / non-Asian women
  • Ugly, racist, alt-right, casually racist white men marry insane Asian women
  • Clinically depressed, self-hating, nagging, cruel Asian Tiger Mothers / dead bedrooms / fetishistic / scheming relationship based on race vs. happy go lucky moms / geniune love / good sex lives
  • Perpetual “racist tourettes” from frustrated, battered, white husbands / Asian fathers being more relaxed and cool

Racist, desperate white men rely heavily on “white skinned” Asian women as a backup plan against “feminist” white women who challenge them with the threat of sleeping with black, Latino, and Arab men (or men who are seen as more “masculine”).

“Traditional, family oriented” Asian women provide a safety net against the death of the west and the death of white male supremacy. That is why it is almost the default for loser, rejected white men with Asian wives to have “racist tourettes” – not limited to but including against Asian men (ironic, as half-Asian men look like Asian men).

Almost every single white guy with an “Asian wife” (I use quotations since obviously these men don’t take their wives very seriously) has nearly constant “racist tourette’s”, where he can’t help himself but go off on Asians, minorities, and white women – as if in constant need of justification of his own fetishistic, awkward “relationship.”

When white women, the real prize of these men, choose Asian men (who represent the enemy), this upsets them to an immense degree, even when these racist white men have Asian looking sons. The white male psyche is inherently unable to conceptualize anything but white male dominance and white maleness as “normal,” and relies on maintaining “order,” with something such as WMAF as a “control locus,” wherein, for example, biracial Asian children with white fathers are “white” (even though the majority of half Asian men look Asian).

Regardless of this, it’s funny that the picture they use of a Hapa child is way more happy with her mother, than the reverse usually seems.


Either way, this will always be relevant. From now until the end of time.

If anyone wants a primer on how white male supremacy works in relation to a global world – now’s your chance. This has been going on for 40 years.