Below is a detailed analysis of the inevitable, internalized insanity and terror that many half-Asians harbor against their Asian sides – fairly obvious, as virtually all of our fathers are not Asian, our mothers openly complicit in white supremacy and mocking Asian features and Asian men, and Asians are mocked in the media, unless it’s an Asian girl involved.

This might be the most viable analysis of the psyche of half-Asians, that are raised, almost without fail, by some variant of “less desirable” White fathers, and Asian mothers who seek to “integrate” and fulfill their desires to create “passing” White children for the sake of integrating and achieving social power. To an extent, this same mentality is carried over into other biracials that internalize self-hatred due to the pro-whiteness of their parents. This seems to be a trend among the children of white men and non-white women, such as Christopher Mercer-Harper, Daniel Holtzclaw, and George Zimmerman – all men who sought to fulfill their parents’ implicit white male supremacy.

Mixed race identity isn’t complicated when you just ask yourselves why mixed race people just go one way. Ask yourself why we almost always have white fathers – and there’s your answer to literally all of the questions about the behavior of half-Asians; why we’re so racist, why we’re so self-hating and why we have so many emotional problems. Half Asians, as it is, are destined to have an extremely negative effect on those around them, simply because of the ugliness that is normal to our parenting.

Half Asians, are generally raised by anti-social, anti-feminist, undesirable, and racist white men (who mock Asians as a way to feel powerful, and rely SPECIFICALLY on self-hating, low status, “family oriented”, “traditional,” “submissive,” “clean,” “chaste,” “smart,” “white-skinned,” but mostly “available,” Asian women as a way to “take back power” against white women, feminists and liberal society) and hateful, status-obsessed, power-hungry Asian mothers who desperately want to integrate and feel beautiful and more powerful than white women, and to escape the physical features that they feel prevent them from ever attaining a beauty standard accepted by the west.

Ask any half Asian what his mother and father did to him – and the answers will almost universally be the same; open racism against non-whites, open racism against Asian men, and openly encouraging assimilating into whiteness, regardless of what we look like.

Asian women also come a “Tiger Culture” that highly, highly encourages half-Asian children to identify as White, for the privilege and power of doing so, and for the physical appearance of whites, which Asians desperately want to look like, because of their hatred at their own physical features (which they see as undefined, ugly, and less attractive than ‘Caucasian’ appearances – e.g., deep eyes). Asian people severely hate their own physical features due to their lack of “definition,” and idealize Caucasian features as being more attractive and more “acceptable” to the general population. Asian women will work (out of desperation to be accepted) actively to demean other Asians, even working violently against Asian and half-Asian men, to ensure that she is able to latch onto more “acceptable” Caucasians while enforcing racism against people of Asian appearance – who are generally not accepted or respected.

This is not even to mention the extreme atmosphere of anti-Asian racism in the Western world, that only excludes Asian women, once they are seen as “traditional” sex objects for lonely, racist white men, and who very pragmatic, cutthroat Asian Tiger Women are happy to take advantage of, ala the “Asian survival mentality.”

There will be more Elliot Rodgers – or similar psychosexually driven, racially-motivated criminals who are simultaneously extremely racist against people of color, yet also biracial, and very paranoid about their Asian heritage – given that both of their parents are very racist and de-facto white supremacist – since Asian women are now the number one choice for white supremacists who fail with white women. Just look at the type of men who willingly “fetishize” Asian women; by and large they appear to be conservatives, “incels,” and other horrific men who take advantage of Asian women’s self hatred, mistaking it for “white supremacy” and “traditionalism.”

Many of these half-Asians, raised to desire white privilege and status, will seek to mock and avoid their Asian side, which they view as a horrible negative – which might actually be true. There will be more and more Half-Asians representing explicitly white supremacist interests, in a desperate attempt, learned from their parents, to truly attain whiteness.

Elliot’s mentality represented the fundamentally true, and learned, mentality, that whiteness was ideal, and that Asianness was wrong, and developed an extremely nihilstic, look-based view of life where his view of Asianness corrupted him to his core. Simply witness any white male / Asian female couple – and you will realize that oftentimes they are far more racist than even white / white couples are, actively bragging about white male supremacy, mocking Asian men, and having perpetual “racist tourette’s” against virtually everyone – including half-Asian men, who more often than not look entirely Asian.

Elliot Rodger was not incorrect in his belief that “women are attracted to power” – as this is an idea passed through women of color who marry white men, and vice versa. Both of my parents and numerous Asian women I have talked to have mentioned, almost totally casually – something shockingly blatant given the cutthroatness of Asian culture – that “women are attracted to power.” Asian mothers of biracial children seem to think that their half-Asian children will pass as white, but we never do.

Half-Asians, at large, are a massive group of non-white men and women who are born to white supremacists, and will not take lightly to the extreme racism against Asian people that seems to exclude the women, who are, according to white men, “replacement” white women. Half Asians that are raised to be white supremacist, yet look like Asians, yet are mocked for being Asian by society, and by their own parents, and denied white privilege that they were promised, and in turn are only greeted with unapologetic racism – will be psychopathic, and this will occur at massive rates all over the world.

I am not blaming anyone for this – I am merely saying that this is the direct cause, and anything resulting from this was inevitable.

Essentially, what this means, is that because of the imbalance – Elliot Rodger was fundamentally inevitable. As long as Asianness is seen as a net negative, and low status, sexually desperate white men continue to accept the advances of viciously racist Asian women who themselves hate Asian men – more and more Elliot Rodgers will manifest themselves in various ways.

If you are uncertain about this – find a half-Asian that you know, and tell them that they look mostly Asian – and watch them react very unpleasantly. Also find a white man who “prefers” Asian women – and ask him what his political leanings are. But more importantly, look at the footprint left by half-Asians; the self-hatred, the self-deprecating jokes, the involvement in white supremacist groups, and the complete lack of success in any area of life whatsoever, being so harshly limited by their self-hatred brought on by their hateful, racist white fathers and even more hateful Asian mothers.

No, I am not jealous. No, I am not against race mixing. I am actually for a more balanced, egalitarian method of mixing.

I just understand this very, very well. 

Link to many of his alarming quotes.

Many Asian women desperately hope for their children to be white passing, in order to obtain status via integration and upward mobility; they routinely ignore the fact that this incredibly damaging for the children to be raised as white (and superior) while being half-Asian, which is uniformly seen as bad by the majority of people, other than when an Asian woman is fetishized, for, ironically, being “pro-white,” and “traditional,” when white women are not.

In simpler terms, Asian is bad unless an Asian woman is involved, as a cute, sexy replacement for those “nasty” white women.

In other words, white men that are physically or mentally lacking, such as Elliot’s father, will marry foreign born Asian women with the belief that they are more “submissive” and “traditional” and respectful of conservative white men who think Asian women are easier to predict (i.e., that they won’t sleep with black men, or won’t challenge them, and want to raise a family, or value education, and success). Obviously, like most anti-social, anti-feminist white men, they do idealize white women for their beauty, but turn to non-white women as a way to feel big and to “combat” white women’s high standards. The Asian woman is merely a “traditional,” “less slutty,” “white skinned,” “family oriented,” “noble,” “smart,” “chaste,” “anti-feminist” replacement for the white women who they feel “betrayed” white men. These same white men also hate Asian men, and use the low status of Asian men to feel powerful – alongside their Asian wives and girlfriends, who they wish were in fact white.

It doesn’t mean, and never will mean, that the white men who like Asian women are not racist. Quite the opposite; they’re probably even more racist on average, because of their desire to “dominate” and “take revenge” against liberal white women and Asian men; i.e., to feel strong when white women challenge them for being bald, unattractive, or racist. This is hugely problematic for most half-Asians, as they will expect white privilege, regardless of what they look like, and be so self-hating at their Asian heritage that they will attempt to compensate.

Half Asian children like Elliot were and are being raised as white children by a racist, anti-feminist white father and a “pragmatic,” “white supremacist” Asian mother, both of whom ignore and deny racism in favor of maximizing on, and maintaining, society’s inequality that favors them.

This nihilism, combined with his parent’s inevitable divorce (usually our Asian mothers become extremely hostile and bitter after a few years, due to realizing that despite having married a white man, she married one that white women did not want), led Elliot to become violent and deranged.

Elliot’s manifesto was driven by the fact that he hated his Asian side, yet was raised to feel that he was superior to people of color – a direct trait inherited from his father, a “MRA” or anti-feminist who married foreign born women as a way to escape white women – as well as inheriting his mother’s hatred of Asian men, as they reminder her that she too, was Asian, and of low status. Obviously, he also hated Asian men for being of low status and reminding himself of his own Asian heritage. Hence, three of his victims were full-Asian men, the rest white women, unsurprising, as the average White male / Asian woman relationship revolves around the hatred of Asian men and White women.

Since Elliot clearly did not pass as white – looking more Latino and bearing heavy Asian features such as his hair, bone structure, and eye-sockets – despite Asian people, and his mother, bizarrely telling him that he was white and allowing him to dye his hair blonde – he was never able to self-actualize with his Asian side, feeling that his Asianness was inferior to his whiteness. Obviously, most Asian women feel they are “almost white,” that they are “just as good as white women” (who they envy, and feel as if they share a similar skin color to) and that white babies are the ideal – and so spend most of their time demeaning Asian people as a way to successfully market themselves to white men.

If Asian women, for example, successfully demean Asian men – they make it more “easy” for white men and white society to accept Asian women as “replacements,” or “almost whites.” Seeing this, many racist white men turn to Asian women as a way to reclaim power over a society they view as “anti-white,” since Asian women are stereotyped as willing to fulfill the role of “traditional,” “family oriented” woman – that White women abandoned.

Some of what Elliot, the most famous half-Asian of all time, wrote:

Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.


The interchange where Half-Chinese Elliot Rodger was triggered by Asian male and White female couples – as he thought that he was superior to Asian men – having learned such from his mother. Despite being biracial, he still harbored intense self-hatred derived from feeling inadequate, seeing that Asian men frankly did not succeed with women, and that his father, a white male – was by far more successful. Similarly, many White male / Asian female couples also hate seeing Asian male / White female couples, because they remind them of the fact that A) the Asian woman is not white – which is the real prize of the white man, and B) that an Asian man, who is “inferior,” was able to date or marry a White woman. Naturally, the children inherit similar biases.

Physically assaulting Asian male / white female couples. His hatred of Asian men was inherited from his mother, a woman desperate to integrate with white men and escape her physical features, due her acceptance that Asianness was seen as ugly; something shared by most Asian and white people. Furthermore, many white men who like Asian women out of “desperation”, also hate Asian men, for being the only people “beneath” them on the hierarchy. Hence, many racist, ugly, unattractive white men target Asian women, while secretly wanting white women, and resenting that white women choose non-white men, including and especially Asian men.

It is very common to find white men who “like” Asian women, consistently attacking Asian men who are married to white women, due to the entitlement to both white women and their available “substitutes,” Asian women.

The general “appeal” of Asian women is largely that they are simply more available for white men than are every other race, and these same white men need a partner to help them feel as if they are finally “bigger” than someone else. The appeal of Asian women is based largely in the fact that Asian women hate “lesser” Asian males, whereby making them “easier” for white men seeking an “easy” alternative to white women.

Elliot, as well, wanted white women, and only white women, due to his fear of losing his white privilege with an Asian woman, and also fearing that Asian women, like his mother, would be with him for the wrong reason, since Elliot, like many half-Asians, viewed Asian women as primarily the “prize” for men who were not successful with other women. Many half-Asians, including myself, have extremely negative perceptions of them, having been in close proximity to their extremely toxic, nagging, hostile and outright offensive behavior driven by their low self-esteem.

And given his monumental, and delusional, self esteem (due to myths about half-Asians, which are untrue), he could not view himself being with anything but a white woman. Similarly, living in paranoia about his Asian heritage, he feared subconsciously that an Asian woman would remind him that he too, was Asian.

Elliot describes his violent assault on Asian males / white female couples – something that White men with Asian partners oftentimes also feel, out of resentment and jealousy, because white women were the real prize, and Asian women merely a white-skinned replacement to make them feel validated for their anti-feminist, racist views against People of Color, and white women. His behavior was learned behavior from his parents.

I came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian,

 but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I’m attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl. My drunken state got the better of me, and I almost fell over to the floor after a few minutes of this. They said something along the lines that I was very drunk and that I needed to get some water, so I angrily left them and went out to the front yard, where the main partying happened. Rage fumed inside me as I realized that I just walked away from that confrontation, so I rushed back into the house and spitefully insulted the Asian before walking outside again.

More hatred of Asian men, the only group he viewed as lower than him – something inherited from his Asian mother, and in all likelihood, his father – as many white men who “resort” to Asian women, passionately hate seeing men of color with white women.

Shoes won’t help you get white girls. White girls are disgusted by you, silly little Asian.

Elliot Rodger’s behavior was archetypal of many half-Asians with white fathers and Asian mothers. Not an anecdotal example – but archetypal, simply worse than other cases.

One could even say that society is lucky that the half-Asian psychosis was limited to generally a few cases a year, rather than a total explosion across the board.

However, given the rise of overt white supremacy that has gotten worse in recent years, as well as the influx of Chinese and Asian immigrants to the US – many of whom are unaware of racism against Asians, yet see whiteness as an ideal method of assimilation – it can be expected to get worse. This coincides with the open preference of hostile white men who seek out Asian women due to lust engendered by Asian pornography, which again is a recent phenomenon that did not exist some decades ago – where White / Asian intermarriage was limited to military bases.

Forty years after these marriages, it has been shown that there has been next to no success for the older generation of Half-Asians, who were largely propped up on ridiculous myths with no actual basis.

Moreover, as the younger generation of Half-Asians now approaches their teenaged years, the bulk of which have conservative, controlling white fathers, as well as controlling Asian mothers desperate to weaponize their biracial children to achieve the status previously occupied by whites – it will be interesting to see how this dynamic is played out – especially since many half-Asians just looks Asian, an aesthetic which the rest of the world strongly dislikes.

Unlike Elliot, I am full aware that looking Asian is a terrible disadvantage. I am under no delusions that being white is not better than being Asian; my parents certainly did not help me to fight this understanding. I consider myself lucky enough to have survived as long as I did – and escape the insanity of this fetishistic union. I cannot speak for others, except in saying that Half-Asian self hatred is very real, and a very looming threat.

I recognize fully the source of Asian self-hatred; it is related to both looks and behavior, but primarily looks. I do not pretend that society is progressing towards a happy medium; rather than any advancement it takes is merely inequality in a new form. This is why I predict more Elliot Rodgers who will be unable to properly accept their Asian heritage.