Lisa Peachy is probably the first prominent, mainstream Asian male / white woman couple in history, and the amount of racism is staggering – 50 years after half-Asians (who literally look like Asian guys) with Asian moms were made to suffer from having racist white dads and hypocritical Asian moms.

Any Asian looking man knows first hand what this is like. I, myself, a half-Asian with a Chinese mother, have heard this…. from hypocritical white and non-Asian men with Asian girlfriends.

Just go on /r/China, or /r/CCJ2, or find a large expat community – or even a community of white men with yellow fever in the US – and look at how racist these men are; and have always been – even against white women and Asian men – i.e., their own sons (who are now fully grown now).

I myself, a half-Asian, have heard “I don’t date Asian guys,” from not only white women… but Asian women. And yet half-Asians aren’t somehow supposed to be confused, given that virtually all of us have Asian moms – and this has been routinely accepted, and, if anything, has made the situation for Asian looking men even worse.

The fact that society is “shocked” at the treatment of St. Peach and her boyfriend Jay reveals just how privileged white men and their Asian fetishes really always have been.

The reason is simple – we are supposed to be on the bottom. Since life is a death cult filled with hateful people who are obsessed with power and sex and jump at any opportunity to fulfill their needs – and unfortunately many women buy into this, things will never get solved, especially since, behind closed doors, everyone admits that it’s about power and sex. The new form of racism, in 2019, unfortunately is one rooted in traditional ideas of sexuality.

Even our own mothers encourage us to identify as white – even though whites hone in on our Asian heritage as defective and abnormal. Why would a half-Asian be proud to be half-Asian, when his neither his father nor his mother had any respect for Asians?

Asian women are “sexy,” “light skinned,” “submissive,” and fair game, especially for incel, loser, alt-right men who want to “take back” the power against feminist non-Asian women. Latinos, whites and even blacks are dogpiling onto Jay, her boyfriend / fiance.

Keep in mind that there are millions of non-Asian men in relationships with Asian women who savagely hate Asian men (and it has been this way for decades), just because, regardless of being in a “relationship” with an Asian woman (his last choice – a “replacement” for the white women that rejected him), he still doesn’t want his real prize – a white woman – to be with something beneath him, an Asian man.

Keep in mind that society sees millions of Asian women entering loveless marriages with unattractive non-Asian men, and so feels that Asian looking men truly are on the bottom.

These guys create Asian looking sons, who, like me, grow up extremely confused and with very poor self-esteem, since our fathers user our mothers as a way to “fight back” against feminism and Asian men. Many of our mothers realize this and start backpeddling and panicking, but by now it’s already too late.

Elliot Rodger was a good example of a half-Asian who became violent against Asian men and white women, because Asian men were supposed to be sexually beneath him, a half-Asian with a white father.

Society did this to itself. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Women, I understand truly that you want to be cool, carefree, have a good social presence, but it doesn’t hurt to be introspective once in a while. Society follows women. Asian women themselves need to stand up for Asian men, not after your son comes out.

If you have such a problem with Asian men, and refuse to not only stand up for your own sons – do the right thing and simply do not have kids. Many half-Asian men who look Asian will tell you there is nothing worse in the world than being an Asian looking mixed man from WMAF.

But it’s too late. Millions upon millions of half-Asian men with Asian moms and racist white dads are the new Asian men who will feel the brunt of Western racism, not only from white men, but from the new “replacement” white women – Asian women, who, together in their desperate attempt to make their racist, white supremacist broken marriages more “legitimate” – go out of their way to attack AMWF, including Asian looking half-Asians.

Not once, in the sixty years of Asian-white mixing, was this ever addressed.