The below article was written as a result of the author finding my work; her examples were taken directly from my blog(s) almost verbatim (without credit, but I don’t care), and I firmly believe that we will be seeing the result of the children being raised by cold, calculating, racist, Eurocentric, power-hungry Asian Tiger Mothers and white, “strange,” (and sometimes non-white) racist fathers shortly. Society had better start talking about this now, rather than after the next major white supremacist shooting involving an Asian woman. The choice is yours. It’s going to be fairly hard to  deny that EurasianTiger was right all along, and that the things I’ve been saying since I was 10 years old were true.

During the current climate of progress, all bolstered by a global internet culture, it is only a matter of time before the true nature of our horrible Tiger Moms, their white supremacy, and our fathers’ behavior becomes common knowledge.

I really am half-Chinese. I look clearly very Asian (despite what self-hating, pragmatist Asian people believe), or at least, I definitely don’t look like an Anglo-American, meaning that I’m not safe in this current zeitgeist of Trump, nor do I have the benefit of being a “scary” dark skinned minority who poses a “sexual threat” to white men.

My father was a Nazi-sympathizer, a Holocaust denier, a conspiracy theorist and paleoconservative, and my mother Chinese; their marriage horrific, violent, and broken from the beginning.

I write this as an Asian-looking Hapa who was raised in this kind of extremely toxic environment, and understands with razor-sharp precision why racist white men idealize Asian women and vice versa – and how this will affect our mentality en masse, and how this subjects both biracial people, people of color, and our mothers to violence. I like myself, I love my heritage – but I also understand that very, very much can go wrong – and it has, and it will.

This issue is extremely, extremely, extremely common, and it always has been, as racist white men have been fetishizing and marrying Asian women for a long, long time.

I feel this is the most important subject possibly facing the Western world, and possibly the most important subject in social science, with regard to race in America, ever – because people are flat out ignoring it and our parents are quite literally the people who are the ones denying and contributing to our own racism; unprecedented in biracials.

I am BEGGING you to read it – and to understand what I am writing does not come from a place of jealousy – but sincere worry about people of color that do not know what is going on. I do not care about anything but exposing this particular, specific dynamic.

Sex is about power – especially in the male mind (which women seem to struggle to understand), and the last bastion of real, legitimate, acceptable racism is against Asian people – with one exception, the women, who are fetishized as loyal, clean, educated, noble, non-Jewed, “smart,” chaste, strong, family-oriented, traditional, good, “white-skinned” women who hate black men and can make you – a racist, masculine man whose “feminist” women ignore him – feel big, and in control, and have a sense of security, meaning, and power against white women, who in your mind are “traitors,” uncontrollable, and “betrayed” the white man.

When white men feel threatened by “feminism,” (which in reality is women just selecting better looking, kinder men, rather than entitled white men with severe social problems), these white men turn to Asian women with the explicit belief that being white will entitle them to “white skinned,” “traditional” Asian women. White men feel threatened especially by black, Latino and Arab men, and seek to reestablish power and “control” with  “traditional, kind, family-oriented” Asian women. The fetishization of Asian women comes hand in hand with the emasculation of Asian men; i.e., when white men are losing – at least they are better than asexual Asian men; and, the “chastity” of Asian women has to do with the domineering and asexuality of the men.

Nowhere along this line of thought does anyone ever truly disfavor racism against Asian men while fetishizing the women; in fact, the sexual stereotypes of the women depend heavily on the belief that the men are in fact, laughably non-masculine.

White supremacists since Hitler have idealized Asian culture as being “clean,” and “controlled,” without the pitfalls that the West has: namely feminism and multiculturalism, and admiration for blacks. Asian women, in particular, are seen as “soft,” white skinned, “cute,” “innocent,” and “good wives,” for racist white men who seek submissive, family oriented women. If you go back and read virtually any white supremacist screed, either from psychotic modern day Nazis, to old-school enforced white supremacist writings (pretty much all of them before, say, the 60’s), there’s always been a nice little footnote about Asians.

In layman’s terms, that means that in the Western male’s mind – Asian male features are ugly, but on women, they are great as long as you are a racist white man who cannot get white women – and nowhere, not once, does this ever indicate that racism is truly over, because men don’t care about racism as long as they are able to feel sexually powerful. In fact, a large portion of racism stems from feelings of sexual power and inadequacy and a very, very strong male sex-drive that is linked to ideas of control and power. (I.e., hatred of black men is largely tied into fears of their penises).

I write this out of complete and utter fear, and disappointment with the world, because being mixed race means that one should be raised to be less racist – not more. And I, myself have faced racism for looking Asian, from none other than white men, and Asian women – which is an incredibly mind-boggling betrayal of everything that I stand for. In fact, for some odd reason, Asian women attract men that are very, very racist, and look for a light-skinned group of women that will overlook his flaws, because, after all, he must be better than a tiny-dicked Asian man who belongs to a cultural ghetto, and she will appreciate a good white man whose own white women are “whores” (but in reality reject him for his looks, personality, or mental issues).

Probably the simplest answer for why racist white men like Asian women, is because they are “famous” for “liking” them back, while white women will not tolerate an unattractive man who gravitates towards white supremacy for his self-esteem. That is why so, so, so many white men, both online and in real life – have something called “racist tourette’s,” where they cannot stop being racist despite having an Asian wife. Hence “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.”

Everyone has noticed this – and continues to notice it, and only after the fully grown children of WMAF couples have done horrific things have people started to notice.

Where could this go wrong – in a half-Asian child’s life?

Well, frankly, everywhere, and it has, and it will, but this time – en masse.

I do not think I “own” Asian women; in fact I know too much about them to think anything similar to that. For a long time I avoided them because of the negative stigma, the negative energy, and my fear of being “used” as a step up over a full-Asian. I am merely deeply afraid of these men, just as I am of my aunts’ boyfriends (all raging racists, bitter at the world), I am deeply afraid of being hurt or killed by one, or seeing another Stephen Paddock – a racist, bitter, countercultural man who uses Asian women as a “bargaining chip” against a society that he feels is “not in his control” – and I understand the intense trouble these men and their wives will cause to a progressive world. Some of their children may very well do the same; Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger, and Marcus Epstein come to mind.

I am deeply, deeply afraid that there will be another Stephen Paddock, who will mass murder – god forbid, Asian people, or worse Latinos, blacks (or even some of us Half-Asians that look Latino, or black), while married to an Asian wife, and my deepest fear, perhaps, is that nobody will know why he did it; but I know why, and unfortunately, I know all too well, why. Every time there is a white supremacist shooting, I instinctively look for an Asian fetish – because, frankly – the worst white men in the world seem to have a strong “preference” for “submissive” Asian women.

These are not good men and women.

They are very, very bad people who are intent on dominating the world, intent on very old systems of exploitation and racism rooted around White male supremacy (note I say male): it is a combination of the Asian Tiger Mother’s ruthless survival mentality that many non-Asians do not understand (Asian households prioritize success, integration, money and dominance over love, character, or personal development), which attracts White men seeking a ruthless, pragmatist, noble, hard-working, disciplined, educated, “steady,” reliable, clean, chaste, family-oriented replacement to “wayward, slutty” White women.

My blog (which has since gone down) described:

  • my father’s intense Nazi-racism, believing that the Holocaust was a Hollywood manufacture
  • his hatred of Jews (disallowing my mother from watching Schindler’s List by violently grabbing the cassett and throwing it in the trash), calling Mel Gibson a hero, and thinking that Steven Speilberg was Satanic.
  • The collapsed marriage due to him refusing to work because of his belief that the apocalypse had arrived – brought about by Jews and blacks and homosexuality; this might have been made worse due to the dead bedroom, since Asian women generally marry to avoid having sex, and generally do so only for financial and social benefit – as is accepted and promoted in Asian culture
  • his hatred of blacks (once yelling at me for “talking like a black man from New York”), and refusal to allow me to have a black girlfriend; in particular he especially hated black men and white women
  • his hatred of homosexuals, which was particularly pronounced
  • his belief in contrails and FEMA camps and flouride in toothpaste being a “Jewish conspiracy,”
  • his hatred of feminism (mocking “mustached” feminist professors at a university)
  • hatred of Hollywood, which he felt was Jewish controlled, causing him to get up and leave during kissing scenes, and refusal to watch any movie made after 1930
  • My Chinese mother’s hatred of blacks (pointing out black people in Harlem from the safety of our car, and stating that they wore the color white to indicate that they had AIDS)
  • My foray into white nationalism, and how I became involved in extremist Nazi groups despite having a white father and Asian mother – as I was raised to be, and praised, for being white, and for having a pro-western mentality

The article came about after the meteoric rise of /r/hapas – a forum that exposed the angst of many half-Asians (such as Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger, and Marcus Epstein, all half-Asians involved in violent, racist crimes stemming from their lack of sense of masculinity in a hyper-masculine racialized America, as well as their false belief that they were white as per their parents’ beliefs) who were raised by racist, anti-social white men (many of whom had behavior patterns – e.g., racism and entitlement – unappealing to white women, and were marrying Asian women as a submissive, anti-feminist replacement), yet had to endure racism from White society (and many complicit people of Asian heritage as well).

Many, many white men pursue Asian women as a way to reestablish power – which, in the male mind, is closely linked with sexual prowess – with Asian women, in particular, because Asian women themselves see Asianness as bad, and integration with whiteness a sign of assimilation, and success.

While white men feel threatened by progress and by the “slutty” nature of White women – it seems remarkable than many, many, many racist white men can be seen on places such as 4chan, idealizing Asian women as submissive, chaste, clean, white skinned, pretty, traditional, non-slutty, non-feminist, family oriented women who will, above all, not sleep with black men.

White men feel that there is no problem sleeping with women of color as long as the woman “respects” his whiteness, his conservative values, and his belief in the superiority of white maleness, and essentially, there is only one ethnic group that believes firmly in the value of white privilege – Asian women. My mother oftentimes told me that it was important that I identify as white, despite her anger that my father was staying up late into the morning listening to Nazi-radio, and quit his job because he was afraid that Jews had caused 9/11 and harkened the Book of Revelations, and that blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals and Muslims – a devil cult, in his words – were to be punished soon (I am being serious about this). Her disappointment with him – which led to her suicide – was that he was too involved with Nazi conspiracy theories to be able to work and earn money to support her half-Asian children.

In other words, when liberated white women won’t give white men what they want – respect, a feeling of sexual power, a feeling of social power, and most importantly, sex (which in a man’s mind, subverts everything else), Asian women will. That is why there are hundreds of very prominent racists with “submissive, traditional” Asian partners, who all essentially try to raise their children as white, like my parents did. Even more common is the casually racist, entitled, privileged white man who seeks out Asian women as a way to express his vendetta against “liberated,” “slutty” white women, and an opportunity to take pride in his whiteness without feeling the strain of being challenged by a white woman.

This in itself is dangerous, but there is an added danger that once the marriage – almost inevitably fails to function normally, due to the general fact that the woman is rarely attracted to the man (something which he blamed white women for, claiming it was because they were feminist), this can cause the white father to become even more extreme due to his lack of sexual intimacy (i.e., dead bedroom), having been denied once by white women, then by his Asian wife (his last resort) – which may cause violence against his Asian wife and kids, and unfortunately, white women, minorities, and yes, Asian and half-Asian men in happy marriages. Once again, I must point out that many Asian women marry only for social status (especially foreign born ones), and do not find themselves attracted to their partners, and deny him intimacy – which causes many of these men to lash out. This, again, is a very uncomfortable aspect many people do not want to talk about.

This, combined with the lack of satisfaction in her Asianness, her controlling and aggressive life attitudes, and the pressure of being a racist in an interracial marriage subjected to judgments from others – leads him to become even more racist in an attempt to reclaim power, going so far as to do things such as treating his children as white (as my father did), denying our issues, making Asian jokes, calling his wife “practically white,” and being overbearingly racist.

White Nationalists and Asian Tiger Mothers have similar goals; maintain a white state built on traditional values, success, control, stability and lack of degeneracy; Asian women want white men for the belief that they will produce successful white children that can prove that the mother has fully integrated and is no longer a lowly, marginalized Asian – a universal negative. The White father gets a woman who “respects” his heritage, respects his value system, will not cheat, will not demand much (other than financial success, which the White racist views as being “proof” of her traditionalism and respectable character), and will make him feel big and unapologetic for his Whiteness, hence “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” despite being immensely racist against blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, progressives, and perhaps scariest of all – Asians.

Obviously, perhaps the most horrifyig piece of the puzzle, is that many of these marriages are built on fallacies and mere pragmatism; Asian women historically have viewed marriage as a goal towards status, and sex as not something done of love, but merely of duty and pragmatic ends. theorizes that the lack of sex from women that are not physically attracted to their white male partners, can cause the men to become even more extreme while raising half-Asian children. This subjects both the women and the children to violence, as well as others, as the white male may act out as was the case of Stephen Paddock, or Based Stickman.

White men on the whole are sexually driven by the idea that their sexuality needs to be addressed. White women are viewed as “whores,” and there is large scale paranoia that white women are “betraying” white men for men of color (yes, that includes Asian men).

Incidentally many of these men see Asian women as fair game, but from the viewpoint of a man – it’s conquest, an dominance. It has nothing to do with the idea that Asian women are equal partners. They’re just partners who tolerate white male supremacist beliefs, when white women don’t. That’s why the “incel” movement is predominantly white, because the overwhelming fear is that white men will be rejected, and men fear, by and large, especially in America (where we are raised on pornography and masculine ideals), being single, and without sex.

Asian, and some Half-Asian men, fully understand the sometimes-loveless psychology of Asian women – and are able to ignore their desire for white privilege, but in some cases, such as Elliot Rodger, proximity to Whiteness and White privilege and White entitlement without actually having it drove him over the edge.

That is why Half-Asians are at much higher risk than full Asians.

The problem in my view is that there really isn’t any way Asian women can meet the expectations of their white male partners, and that’s going to cause harm to the children and the women. Racism and being “incel” is linked, but curing “incel” takes priority for many of these racist white men, who harbor intensified views of black male sexuality. However, when the Asian wife or girlfriend fails to meet his sexual expectations and merely reminds him of his “failure”, this can cause an already desperate, entitled man to become even more unhinged – and more racist, such as with Kyle Chapman, i.e., “Based Stickman,” and Stephen Paddock.

My parents’ marriage was a complete failure and they never touched because my mother was so disgusted to learn that the man she married was racist, (well, I imagine she knew because she was racist as well), but that he didn’t want to work at all because he was so incredibly racist in general against Jews, which he viewed were responsible for the downfall of society – so obviously he quit his job. I think the lack of intimacy in the marriage contributed to his extremism, and my huge fear is that with foreign born women who are marrying men they are not attracted to, this will only exacerbate the situation. Hence I view the possibility of a major mass shooting incredibly likely, almost a 100% certainty. 

Because when a man who goes for a foreign born Asian woman as his last resort is betrayed – in his mind – by her, and when he knows that white women are not there for him, he will lose his mind, because many white men cannot properly reckon with the fact that their lives are not highly valued and that they are not being given anything simply for being white.

As I said, there’s going to be a major incident with this kind of dynamic at the helm but then it’ll just be too late and more people are going to die and get hurt.

These same men who “value” Asian women, essentially feel helpless that despite everything, they are still stuck in a sexless marriage with an Asian woman – merely a replacement for the true prize – a White woman – which could cause him to become violent towards others, including, unfortunately, Asian male (which includes us Eurasian men), and white female couples, which may receive the brunt of  his primary antagonism as a result of representing what he wished he had: a healthy relationship based on mutual love between a non-white male (in his mind, lower than him) and a white woman.