Andrew Anglin has admitted to sleeping only with Asian (Filipina) women, as mentioned in this Atlantic article.

A quote from The Atlantic article:

Edward told me that Anglin acted like he was smarter than everyone else, and in a country where young white men are “treated in a godly way,” Anglin’s ego only grew. He had a complex about being short—he claims to be 5 foot 7, but several people I talked with put his height closer to 5 foot 4. In Davao, however, Anglin hit on every pretty young Filipina he saw and had success with many of them, sometimes taking advantage of their hope that an American husband could be an exit from poverty. Most of these girls were 18 or 19 years old, but Edward says some were younger. He remembers Anglin once picking up a 14-year-old in a bar and bringing her back to the Sampaguita to spend the night.

This mentality is extremely, extemely common among white (and some non-Asian) men who seek to escape the high demands of white women, feminism, minorities, the “death of the west,” etc. This has happened for decades, if not long before the 80’s, while society turned a blind eye to the children born of these “couples.”

Anglin is 5’3″, a height that is scorned by most women, and like most unattractive men, he blames their lack of attraction to him on “feminism,” and uses desperate, self-hating, naive Asian women as a genetic dump for his lack of desirability – something extremely common among the worst, most unattractive, socially repugnant men on earth.

What exactly will happen to the children of naive, self-loathing Asian women – and more often than not – quite literal white supremacists or other variety of sexually desperate racists? 

Many, many of these “cute half-Asian babies” born to Nazi fathers and Asian mothers are of adult age now.

These racist white men blame white women who do not like them (or being attracted to them) on feminism – and turn to Asian women, who seek to escape poverty and low social status, by entering into “convenience” marriages with unattractive white men, who maintain racist views against minorities and Asian men – while being married to “traditional” Asian women as a last choice on their masculine desperation.

The racialized fetishization of Asian women is due to the fact that Asian women are seen as more “pure, clean, chaste, traditional, and family oriented” compared to “whorish, liberal” white women; essentially the only “non-Jewed” ethnicity of women whose culture lacks the “degeneracy” of Westernized women and whose women are known to not sleep with blacks.

What happens to the Half-Asian children, who face racism from society, as well as racism at home, especially since a large portion self-identify as Asian and are mocked by society as such? Why has society ignored this phenomenon for so long, despite so many people coming in contact, at least once, with “couples” like this?


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They seek out Asian women who they feel belong to a more “respectable, family oriented, traditional, homogenuous culture.”

Once again, it has been proven that white men, desperate to recreate a world operated by white men in which they enforce white supremacy – feel betrayed by white women.

White supremacists such as Anglin firmly believe that white women, who should be helping to create white children, are the biggest cause of the death of the west, and he generally is not alone in believing so; many white supremacists feel angered in particular at white women, who they feel as being too “feminist,” liberated, and prone to sleeping with black men.

The sad reality is that white men such as Anglin (short, unattractive, and bald), feel “wronged” at the fact that they are losing privilege in the modern world, and seek out women that will help them feel more “powerful,” and Asian women fit the mold in accordance to what a woman should be: traditional, chaste, respectful, family-oriented, white skinned, non-fat, and most importantly – won’t sleep with black men (which is the largest fear of white supremacists).

Note that at the end, Anglin does not say that he does not want to sleep with Asian women, only that white women forced him to. Keep in mind that he is not alone in this, and most if not all people are aware that there is a certain “quality” to racist white men, like my father, who seek out “traditional” Asian women – yet create Asian looking sons.

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