Chloe Bennett and Jordan Connor are two relatively “successful” actors who had some screentime pouting and squinting as per usual, on TV. I find it amazing how many plain looking Eurasians seem to think that they’re the hottest thing on earth, while the most successful biracials are pretty much all half black and half something else.

No other mixed race behaves in such a manner that not being fully Asian is automatically a ticket to being seen as attractive; but this is what our parents fully insist on.

Since half-Asians everywhere regard “success” as being seen as “hot” gimmicks (despite the fact that literally no other mixed race grouping thinks so highly of themselves, because no other mixed race group is so inherently racist – being built on a “best of both worlds”* myth that doesn’t exist among blacks, Latinos, or Arabs, apparently – just ask any Asian mom what she thinks of blacks), it’s no wonder that many half-Asians strive to be models or actors, despite most half-Asians being average looking people. I’d say Jordan Connor is about eight inches of height separated from Elliot Rodger, and the similarities in appearance are striking.

Pouting and being “mysterious” looking isn’t acting.

Many half-Asians, even with Asian fathers, like both Connor (last name Yuen), and Bennett (last name Wang) changed their last names.


Asians are discriminated against. Asian blood is meant for mockery, and it has to be hidden to integrate into society. In order to fulfill the myth that all half-Asians are superior (which is what our racist parents encourage us to do, compared to other biracials), half-Asians just need to be “hot.” That’s it. Every other extremely alarming aspect of being biracial is completely ignored; including the extreme racism that our parents are capable of.

If even the highest levels of half-Asians in society (by “highest levels” – I’m not talking about politicians or academics or people who work to end racism rather than benefiting it, but bottom tier TV actors) hide their own ethnicities, and pride themselves on being not Asian, what does that mean for half-Asians, and Asians on the whole, or the half-Asians that don’t listen to their parents’ bullshit and just want to live happy, normal lives, without being mocked for being half-Asian?

I still remember the time that I actively hid by Chinese side, because it was embarassing for me – as it is for many half-Chinese people – to say that “I am half Chinese,” and hear the barrage of casual racism that followed it. After all, racism against Asians is still widely accepted and encouraged. Rather that fighting it, many Asian people just decide that white blood just removes all of the problems with having – according to them – the worst blood on the planet.

If the “integration” of Asian people wholesale means that Asian heritage is something to be ashamed of, nowhere along this line is this a healthy mindset, and trouble will always be brewing, especially given the fact that there isn’t enough room for millions of half-Asians with racist white dads and Asian moms in Hollywood.

If anything, the “success” of weird looking, self hating Eurasians in “Hollywood” (I use the term lightly – more like off, off, off Hollywood) is probably doing far more damage to the Eurasians who actually suffer from traumatic, violent, racist upbringings, and from cataclysmic degrees of inherited self hatred, than anything else. After all, there really are so many Eurasians whose “looks” will buy them contracts that will save them from their Nazi sympathizing sexpat fathers and screaming, violent, racist, self hating Asian mothers.

I guess we can be happy that Lauren Chen, aka “Roaming Millenial,” – one of the warmaidens of the alt-right, has decided to reclaim her Chinese last name in a last ditch attempt to show that she’s “not racist,” since, you know how it goes….

“I’m not racist… something something Asian.

*It’s funny how the “best of both worlds” seems to ignore every other “world” but that of self-hating, white-wannabe Asians, and the whites who marry them. But who am I to disagree? I’m just apparently the only sane Eurasian with a heart.