I just found this randomly, because every time I see a twitter battle between the alt-right and progressives, there is inevitably a white or non-Asian guy with an “Asian connection” (in this case a Japanese wife), who is fighting for the rights of the oppressed white man, running off to Asia where he can live without scrutiny for his racist, conservative views, among “clean,” “organized,” “traditional,” “white skinned” Japanese people.

Essentially, Asians are a genetic dump for incels of every race, who use their newfound Asian wives as proof that their lives have meaning in the face of genetic expulsion from “feminist” non Asian women (who actually have standards for men).

It’s more likely for a white man with alt-right views to be raising biracial Asian kids, than he is to be raising white kids.

White (and losers of other races) men use Asian women and Asian countries as a way to “fight back” against western “degeneracy,” feminism, race-mixing, immigration, and leftism.

They raise Asian looking children who they urge to take on their father’s conservative, pro-white male values. Usually this is worsened by the awkward, asexual relationship and these men become increasingly racist against Asian men in a last ditch attempt to feel powerful and like a big man.

The children are confused as their fathers are promoting pro-whiteness and avoidance of any discussion about racism, while the children endure racism from both sides.

End of story.