You might think that 4chan is merely trolling or that I’m just cherrypicking, but after producing a number of mass shooters and being one of the most active spots on the internet for neo-Nazis, and considering the fact that my own mother didn’t know my father was a holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer until after I was born – this is common.

If I did a running blog of ever time some extreme racist potential spree-shooter on the internet admitted he had an Asian wife and kids – you’d be bored. That’s pretty much what /r/hapas is for, which, to this date, has had roughly 100,000,000 views (if I extrapolate from data I took last year and hand counted 60,000,000).

Just look at how frequently Nazis on fetishize Asian women, while routinely bashing Asian males. Asian women have been the defacto back up plan for white racist men for decades, since their unfulfilled sexual energy and desire for power and dominance needed to go somewhere. 

New racism is entirely sexual, as white and non-Asian men seek to compete with and degrade the only thing they can in an attempt to feel meaningful and powerful – while creating incredibly mentally damaged and self-hating children in the process.

So tell me – with this genetic exodus of the most racist, ugly, disgusting white and non-Asian men seeking out the only women that will take them – what will happen to their children?

Asian women are the white skinned “alternative” to white women. They are clean, chaste, civilized, won’t sleep with black or brown men – and most of all – “support” unattractive white men (and white power) – because Asians marry for social status a, rather than love. Don’t believe me? Just ask any Hapa what our mothers tell us as to why they married our loser fathers.

White men use Asian wives as a way to “fight back” against white women, feminists, and multiculturalism, and hold their children up as pinnacles against the children of “coalburners” (white women who marry black men).

However, real life data proves that although this mixing was common for decades – half-black children with black fathers and white mothers are everywhere, from Hollywood to the presidency, while half-Asians with white fathers are nowhere.

You could say that this is because of racism against Asians – which is true.

But moreso, looking Asian and having a Nazi father who hates blacks, a self-hating mother who hates that you look “too Asian,” and a society that hates you too, well….

of course the children of actually progressive mixed race pairings outperform half-Asians.

There are now millions of half-Asians born to unattractive, racist white men, and Asian women looking for social status and to escape their Asian faces. These new children are inheriting both white privilege, backwards, racist ideals of their fathers, and extreme anti Asian male racism, handed to them by their own pragmatist mothers who hate being Asian – and want to integrate at all costs.

Tell me – am I making this up, when I tell you, the reader, that you should be wary of these damaged men, their children, and the future that you’ve made for yourselves?