An expose of him from RationalWiki, which I won’t repost.

The “Hapacalypse” – millions of extremely damaged, self-hating, extremely racist Asian looking children raised by socially rejected, unattractive Neo-Nazis, casual racists, and conservatives and violent, mentally ill, white worshipping Asian Tiger Moms – is coming to you. If you really think this isn’t a major threat – then I highly suggest reading more.

Nazi sympathizers and hardcore rightists (generally losers and unattractive men who channel their anger at rejection into racism and anti-feminism), like my father and dozens if not hundreds of other examples that I have documented on this site, who shared virtually all of the traits that Coombs did, love and adore and default explicitly to Asian women for several reasons:

  • They are white skinned, submissive, and “family oriented,” belonging to mono-cultural, “stable” societies, unlike “slutty, feminist” white women (but mostly just Asian women – oftentimes extreme racists – really want to be integrated and think it’s harmless to date Nazis since they, too, “support and admire” whites)
  • They supposedly will not challenge white (or non-Asian) men, or the white male lust for dominance, and these socially rejected, mentally unstable men are able to seek refuge in Asian women, and only Asian women, who will accept their advances when white and non-Asian women will not.
  • They supposedly do not like black people, or sleep with black men, who the white man views as being “savage”, while resenting white women for choosing black men
  • They like “successful, powerful” white men, while white women will not; this is because Asian culture is completely unique in wholly disavowing any physical attraction or compatability in favor of high social status – which also explains high rates of dead bedrooms among WMAF couples that extrapolate into increased aggression
  • They make the most undesirable, anti-social white men feel “big” compared to Asian men – despite going on to raise high risk, confused, white supremacist Asian sons like Elliot Rodger. MRA’s and MGTOWs seem to exclusively default to Asian countries and Asian women. Why?
  • They are the only race of women naive, insecure, and self-hating enough to find the least desirable, most mentally unstable, right-wing, conspiracy theorist men, MRA, MGTOW men attractive, being completely unaware of, or complicit, in white-supremacy.

In fact, the alt-right, like most white men, seems to seems to have no problem with “interracial dating” as long as it involves a white man and an Asian woman, as seen in this clip between two far-right activists practically bragging about how White male / Asian female is superior to black male / white female. And I myself can personally attest to how millions of white men seem to love bragging that half-Asians are superior to their counterparts – half-blacks, as well as the other casual racists who feel entitled to Asian women while marginalizing Asian men – even half-Asian men who look “too Asian.”

Keep in mind that many, many half-Asians look Asian, and yet are raised by such entitled, hypocritically racist white (and non-Asian) men who don’t consider marrying “submissive, feminine” Asian women as “intermarrying,” while being wholly against any progressive ideals; in fact, in my experience, these same white men HATE seeing Asian men (including their own half Asian sons) treated well by women.

I have personally been harassed by ‘friends’ who would (due to being bald and nerdy) only be able to date Asian women, while mocking me for looking Asian, and insulting Asian people in an attempt to make themselves look powerful.

Coombs joins the ranks of the alt-right, MRAS, MGTOWS and Neo-Nazis with a strange Asian connection, in that white racists who feel disillusioned with the west and western, white women, choose instead to chase Asian (and only Asian) women as their last ditch on their masculinity crises.

Like Richard Spencer, Chuck C. Johnson, John Derbyshire, Chistopher Cantwell, and many, many others, Coombs has had East-Asian girlfriends, despite being a champion for anti-immigration.

My father, a white man of German-English descent, was fiercely anti-immigration, fiercely paleoconservative, anti-homosexual, a Holocaust denier, an anti-feminist, a fan of Richard Nixon, Mel Gibson, Ezra Pound, and yet was married to a Chinese woman who killed herself.

This is very, very common, and it is not surprising that virtually every single Neo-Nazi has some sort of Asian wife, Asian girlfriend, Asian ex-girlfriend, or experiences in Asia – where the white man can feel “powerful,” sexually-desired, and safe in a country that doesn’t embrace multiculturalism.

This is incredibly, incredibly common, a trait shared among most (not some) of the top Neo-Nazis who are unable to find white women who agree with them.

Scarily enough, many of these men go on to have mixed-race children, who will be extremely, extremely damaged.

These mixed race children, as I said (given that my father pushed me into becoming a Nazi, like him), will be severely paranoid of their Asian heritage due to racism against Asians in western society, as well as pushed by their white-worshipping mothers to identify as white (see Michelle Worth Kinghorn, or the women in my family), as well as encouraged by their racist white fathers to take up the mantle of white supremacy and anti-progress.

I cannot stress this enough: this is a major, widespread phenomenon and has been for decades. I again understand that you don’t want to admit that this is happening, but it’s something that needs to be addressed not later – but immediately, before more and more mass shootings occur at the hands of white men with Asian fetishes, or their children.