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Read the article yourself, but since this isn’t half-Asian related – it sort of relates to the long-standing phenomenon of lonely, racist, conservative white men marrying ethnic women in droves. Unfortunately it now looks like Latinos are getting a taste of this.

Sorry to break up the party, but this shit has been going on a looooonng time. Progressives are going to have to deal with this sooner or later, instead of pretending this isn’t happening. Being biracial isn’t just sunshine and roses – there’s a lot of nuances that bring people together, and a lot more to defining identity in a chaotic world. White male supremacy doesn’t just disappear – it has to go somewhere.

My father was a good example. John Derbyshire is literally a Nazi with a Chinese wife. Chuck C. Johnson is a famous anti-immigrant and Nazi sympathizer with an Indonesian wife. To these men, it makes no difference. The end result is that these men get to ease their masculinity crisis, their loneliness and their fear of being alone – while still being one of the good ole boys fightin’ the good fight for the white man. They get to fulfill their sexual desires (realized or otherwise), while remaining a strong white man in charge.

It’s funny that the article brings up Jason’s height.

Conservative white men are desperate for a sense of control and order. Oftentimes this results from their inability to attract a mate (a mate of their race, usually; white women usually become “feminist mudsharks” while women of color are fair game). Jason is mentioned as being 5’5″.

They go after poor, anti-feminist, traditional, family-oriented, “submissive” women of color, hoping to impress them with their whiteness when this fails with those nasty, demanding white women.

Despite this – they remain conservative and anti-immigration, at all costs, even against their own families. Control has to be maintained in order to balance their unfulfilled sexual and egotistical urges, and their desire to maintain white male supremacy. My father would rail against immigration, Muslims, Jews, and blacks, despite raising half-Asian sons.

That explains phenomena such as George Zimmerman, biracials with white fathers who work overtime to maintain white male supremacy – especially against blacks, who remain the sexual, uncontrolled “boogeyman” against white male dominance.

Either way you swing it, the next generation of patriotarded white nationalists / American good ole boys are all going to be biracials with white fathers. Just look the The Proud Boys. Or – oops – maybe the current generation already is.

“Was it a bad decision for my family? Yes,” he said. “Was it a bad decision for our country? I can’t say. Sometimes you can’t just think about yourself. You have to think about the broader picture.… I feel like God will bless my decision.”

Lol. Ever notice that biracials with non-white fathers seem to be way more successful?

Did you ever stop and think that since human beings adamantly refuse to give up their egos – that interracial marriage would just devolve into a new way for colonialist white males to just get their nut?