Roaming Millenial represents a common trend I find among biracial Asians.

When the curtain falls – the last bastion of white supremacy will be loudly shouted from the walls of whatever it means to be an “Asian” person. Finally, after all this time, these sick, racist, self-hating Asian men and women will finally get their shot of feeling “white,” long after every other progressive ignored Asians and their white worship for centuries.

This “trend” is usually a manifestation of the “almost there” mentality of half-Asians, who feel as if they are “almost white,” given that many Asian men and women feel similarly – and marry white people in an attempt to integrate and assimilate against a background of blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and other “non-assimilated” ethnic groups.

This push towards reactionary conservatism is an attempt to capitalize on the white western world’s fears of progressivism that disfavors whiteness, and finally (note I say finally) use these fears to have half-Asians finally included in whiteness, but only by proxy.

In other words, Lauren Chen and other biracial Asians finally feel as if the atmosphere is right enough to have half-Asians included into whiteness, which was ultimately the goal of Asian people all along.

Lauren also seems to have issues with her identity, consistently changing hair color (a common trope among self hating Asians who desperately want to be white), and finally changing her name to her father’s surname in an attempt to deflect claims that she is self-hating – which I and many other progressive half-Asians accused her of for years.

She also seems to reflect the trend of half-Asians expressing latent sexual / gendered racism tropes, in which it was suspected that she retained latent desires for Asian or non-white men (recently having married a non-white man with a striking resemblance to her father), while resenting her father’s taste for white women – an inverse of what usually occurs with biracial Asian men who favor Asian women but resent their mother’s taste for white men. It seems that she possessed a desire for Asian men, while subconsciously distrusting her father’s obvious taste for white women (common among Asian men), and so chose a male with a strong resemblance to her father while simultaneously changing her name back to an Asian one.

As I said – the immediate nature of white supremacy is a handful of white and non-white men (many times these men are mixed), who, desperate to achieve power, real or otherwise – rely heavily on ideas of sexual dominance and genetic inheritance. And as long as that continues to happen, women like Chen will still have a platform as a temporary mouth piece for lonely men.

The last bastion of white supremacy is that upheld by Asians.