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Japan is the model non-white country that many white men wish they could model themselves on. Japanese women are almost white, while Japanese men are not white. Japanese women are soft, clean, chaste, traditional, quiet, family oriented Tiger Women who will support a white man in his vendetta against blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. White women, however, remain “traitorous” feminist mudsharks who prefer black and Hispanic men.

Very common stuff. Mild even compared to my father.

This has been fairly normative for decades. I’d say that you should be wary of their children – but anti-multiculturalism and Asian fetishes have been hand in hand for decades now.

I do wonder how the half-Japanese, Japanese looking children are going to react to being treated as “less than” by whites, and even some Japanese (as many hapas look Hispanic).

The most disturbing thing is that there is an entire generation of half-Japanese people who are being raised by literal Neo-Nazis in dead bedrooms with Asian wives that don’t seem to care that much.

My wife is japanese and i know Japan well enough.
First, know one thing: apart from Tokyo maybe, there is almost nothing tailored for people who don’t speak japanese.
They are proud of their culture and think japanese-born should be first.
Very little welfare.
And I’m just scratching the surface…
This isn’t made to absorb negros and shit arabs.
This is not going to happen simply. Same as South Korea: this isn’t just Japan.
Although this is true that there is an issue when it comes to paying retirement, it is a good thing to remain stable in terms of population.
Diversity as it is sold by the US and whatnot is a farce. Let me draw a parallel:
A bit like cooking; if you mix ingredients properly you can make a nice meal. Let’s add another ingredient to the mix, like dog poop (niggers) and mix it.
It is technically “diverse” but it tastes like shit!
Think about it for a second. Instead of wanting to flood good countries with sub humans.