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Once again, the anti-feminist, incel, MRA, MGTOW white males of the alt-right, for the last 30 years – have almost uniformly argued for the dating and marriage of Asian women. Literally lurk every single MRA / right wing / MGTOW / white nationalist / incel forum and Asian women are the women of choice.


Many were successful in doing so, and many of the children now walk among us.

It took me a long time to get over the damage that was done to my self esteem and my self worth, being raised by a literal Neo-Nazi and a Chinese mother.

Asian women were and always have been seen as “traditional,” “family oriented,” “alternatives” to feminist white women, to fill the gap in the racist, unattractive white man’s desire to still be seen as relevant, powerful, dominant, and have a traditional, family oriented wife (since many incels get confused about their lack of ability to attract a woman, and “feminism,” and mistake Asian women marrying for social status – as proof of their “traditional beauty.”)

Richard Spencer, Chuck C. Johnson, Christopher Cantwell, Kyle Chapman, and virtually every single alt-right figurehead, has at one point dated or married an Asian woman in his attempt to find a replacement for the white women that rejected him.

Some Matrix-level intersectionality is going on here, where these alt-right entitled douchebags are looking at Asian female pragmatism, asexuality, and the commoditization of financial, pragmatist marriages as being “traditional” – unlike those nasty, slutty white wahmen.

What happened to their children? The children of the lowest standing white incels in society – and their asexual, self hating wives?