, AMWF: Handsome, strong, a full head of hair, outgoing and mentally stable + a nice woman with a normal, happy attitude, who loves him for who he is, and is sexually attracted to him, and wants her kids to look Asian like him. Marries against overwhelming, extreme and potentially violent racism against them. An Asian guy has to be extremely handsome, masculine-appearing, secure, or “alpha” to date out, and the marriage is based on personality and love, and the mother acknowledges that the children will be Asian and fosters this – and they possess the appearance and health that helps them do better in western society, where looks are rewarded.

WMAF: Unattractive, racist, know it all, old, creepy, bottom of the barrel, fetishistic, undesirable, privileged, entitled, opportunististic, balding anti-feminist who targets Asian women for nefarious reasons as a last resort against “feminism” and “aggressive,” “slutty,” white women, and marries a cruel, unloving, asexual, mentally ill, hostile, angry, hateful, controlling, negative, depressed, nagging, scowling, bitter, poisonous, self hating, openly and proudly racist Tiger Mom who wants her kids to look white and shames us for our Asian features, denies racism and tells us that we are white, and marries for social status, assimilation, privilege, money, and bragging rights that her child isn’t Asian (even though the child inevitably is Asian), while talking badly about Asian and half-Asian men (who she mistakes as Asian) and white women alongside her loser, rejected, old, balding husband that she has no sexual attraction to and married out of spite and convenience, in front of her Asian passing son and the Asian passing sons of millions of other WMAF couples. Marries because of racism, convenience, to escape her heritage, social status, and never love or physical attraction – hence targeting specifically white males.

Growing up, despite never seeing AMWF, when I got to college I had already met about 12-13 half-Asians, and 10 or 11 of these had Asian fathers. I’ve noticed that in every country on earth, half Asians with Asian fathers are in positions of prominence.

It’s because it’s literally polarly opposed natural selection. “Best of both worlds” generally only applies to AMWF. But more to the point, it’s a bad idea to not only ignore, but contribute to racism against your own kids, just because you want to assimilate.

Oh, do you want more examples? In the rare event that AMWF does happen, the guy has to be literally in the top 5% of… whatever. That’s why you see WMAF claiming the children of AMWF as proof of “Hapa” beauty.