His posting history.

Extremely racist  men rely on Asian women for their sexual and masculine validation. Asian women are a last ditch effort for a declaration of masculine egotism in the face of feminism and the sexual revolution that favors more attractive men.

Especially foreign born Asian women who have no concept of racism in America, but only marry because he’s white, and he’s American, and he’s easily “controllable,” and he has money and citizenship and social status, and she won’t even understand when he complains about communism, multiculturalism, race-mixing, or anything else. Essentially traditional, family oriented, chaste, clean, prude replacements for “white whores.”

The worst, most horrid, most hateful and racist white men on the planet default to Asian women, and vice versa, and have been producing half-Asian children for a long, long time. It’s more likely for two extreme, white supremacist racists who hate Asians to be raising a half-Asian son, than it is for any other couple, interracial or otherwise.

Asian women are quiet, cute, petite, gentle, traditional family oriented, racist angels who will support the unattractive white man as his countries “go to crap” while his own white women betray him for feminism, “sluttiness,” and more physically attractive black, Hispanic, Muslim and Asian men. Asians and Asian women help loser, physically unattractive white men feel big and in control, against a tide of egalitarianism and equality, all at the expense of those “ugly, loser” Asian men – i.e., his own future children – which there are millions of now.

“Oh… but half Asians are soooooo hot!”

Sounds exactly what someone who really, really wanted to mask over a much darker reality would want to say, ignoring our very painful history for many half Asians who grew up at a time when there was much more extreme racism from the same white men who didn’t fetishize Asian women.

The desperate white racist incel – refugees of the sexual revolution – and angry that his women are choosing low class blacks, Muslims and Latinos over him, sees Asian women as his fallback. However, since Asian women are universally rated the least attractive (other than for incels who are forced into online dating), screaming, violent, low-libido (which racist incels mistake for being ‘traditional’), flat chested, asexual gold-diggers, these same white men aren’t happy, and despite raising Asian looking children, still lash out at Asian men, white women, and try to support white nationalism while in a dead bedroom with a screaming Asian Tiger Mom who controls every aspect of his life and fails to live up to the ideal white woman he wanted for himself, but was too physically unattractive to get – so h blames feminism and multiculturalism. It’s only a matter of time before WMAF couples start shooting people again like they did in Las Vegas, and this time they’ll even shoot their own Asian looking sons.