Periodically I go on to keep my ear to the ground about Nazi activity, as should you, since Nazi incels (generally the same thing) are probably the greatest homeland security risk, as well as a risk to those around them and their families. In many cases – such as on places such as /r/braincels (which is probably worth of its own post, since half the threads there are fetishizing Asian women as an answer for white men having difficulty with ‘foids.’).

My father was a holocaust denier, anti-semite, paleonconservative, anti-black, extreme racist who hated all non-Asian non-white people, because they were “degenerate” and “Africanized.” Yadda yadda yadda – I suspect his conservatism was the result of being harshly rejected from western sexual economies. You can imagine how that turned out for my mommy and me and my brother’s mental health – since we look Asian as hell and the comments from non-Asians, including those with yellow fever were really spicy. Oh – and let me remind you – Asian women can also be turbo-racists and white supremacists, including my own mother. They’re just this way for a different reason.

I went onto /pol  two minutes ago, and found, of course, a thread talking about how wonderful Asian women are compared to white women.

Racism is sexual. The definitions and boundaries expand to accomodate the white man’s sexual anger and resentment. Hence – Asian women, the only women with a “reputation” for “preferring” white men (for various non-sexual reasons). Asian women have been the “fallback” plan for white male supermacy and sexuality for a long time; and most half-Asians will tell you (if they’re still alive) that being a white supremacist with an Asian wife is par and parcel of…. having a half-Asian son or daughter.

After Andy Ngo (a Vietnamese anti-Muslim journalist or something, just Google it, brah) got beaten up by anti-fa, it has become abundantly clear to me (wait, what am I saying – I’ve known this for decades) that Asians are an “ally” to white supremacy, as long as the white man is in a dominant, masculine position, of course. A lot, and I mean A LOT of Asian people feel “almost white,” and will do anything to be accepted into the white power structure, whether it’s left wing, right wing, or legit Nazi. This is perfect for white men to channel their sexual “energy” into perceived or realized “sexual dominance” of Asian women.

Oh, I’m sorry – was that racist? I’m not racist, I’m half Asian. See how that works?

On 4chan (and virtually any other online space populated by racists and incels – again, the same fucking thing), posts about how wonderful Asian women are compared to traitorous white women, are hourly, if not multiple-times-an-hour. Just go on at any time of day, and see for yourself.

Many of these posters are indeed married to Asian women and have half-Asian kids, who they instill with anti-feminist, reactionary, far-right, pro-European bullshit, which confuses half-Asian kids, because in western countries, Asians are still seen as abnormal, alien, and mockable by the overwhelming majority of “normal” white people (aka: the white people who aren’t incels who jump onto Nazi bandwagons to compensate for their inability to get a white woman who will tolerate him).

By “normal” white people, I mean the liberal gaslighting whites who think that my writing is bullshit, equally hate and make fun of Asians and don’t consider it racism, etc. So what we’re dealing with here is incredibly nuanced and probably exquisitely dangerous.

It’s a psycho-sexual nightmare and I just report on it. By the way, I really am half-Asian, got doxxed, my face is everywhere as is my name, and this happened years ago… I wouldn’t continue doing this unless I thought it really was that urgent to address. So either I’ve got huge cajones for doing this, or I just consider it important enough to risk wayyyyy too much.

Here you go. In the words of Bruno Mars: “don’t believe me just watch.”

July 2nd.


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July 6th, 2019, I popped in, and it’s on the front page again. And again, the representation of Asians and Asian culture is just the women. I’m really not cherry picking, go on at any time of day and it’s the same shit over and over.


Date’s on there again


Date again, I’m losing track of the days


Again, getting worse