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asfafsfa.JPGDoes the source matter? I don’t even bother looking how this conversation came up, cause it’s so common it doesn’t even matter anymore.

This is really common. You’d better START acknowledging this, because these half-Asian sons are going to be living around you; e.g. the turbo-Nazis of the future who aren’t white – but will do anything in their power to be just as white as their parents wished, while carrying the stigma of being Asian men – that their parents worked against, since “Asian” is pretty much a slur in America, and many Asian women are more than happy to attack and demean Asian men in an attempt to feel powerful and desirable.

My dad would make most Nazis blush and was fiercely anti-immigration, despite having an immigrant Chinese wife – since he was too autistic and racist and anti-social to get a white woman, so he needed an Asian woman as a control locus. You know. Chaste, clean, traditional, family oriented, non-slutty, hateful of black men, “practically white,” submissive, and appreciative of the battered, demoralized white man whose women have “betrayed” him.

In an interview I did with a major Youtuber a couple years ago, I told her that yellow fever was this really profoundly disturbing fetish whose repercussions weren’t fully explored, and I guess we’ll be seeing some hands on lessons in the future with the kids of literal Nazis and Asian brides.

Racist, incel, rejected and insecure white men LOVE an DEFAULT to Asian women and hate Asian males, since, uh, I guess Asian men aren’t white, and are seen as asexual losers, but Asian women are seen as “replacement white women.” There are millions of their kids around now, all adult aged. One of these nutcases just got released from a North Korean prison. Talk about mommy issues.

Racism is sexual, and a lot of anti-immigrant, far right white guys can’t get white women on board, because they view white women as the traitorous enemy.

So yeah, we’re seeing a growing trend of racist, alt right white men with non-white, primarily Asian wives, who are seen as “conservative,” “traditional,” “family oriented,” etc. So Mr. Can’t Get Sex blames white women for voting in immigration, while marrying the only thing that will take him – an Asian woman who needs his citizenship and his last name to make her life slightly easier in a ruthless capitalist nightmare (all the while joining in her husband’s anti-immigration campaign to make herself feel like she’s “one of the good Asians!”). Oh, wait, did I say growing trend? LMAO. It’s been this way for as long as this people have been marrying Asian women.

And their children? Well, given I’m in my 30’s now, don’t know any half Asians with Asian moms, like, anywhere, other than my severely mentally ill brother – it doesn’t look bright for the kids of the future. If anything racism against Asians is gonna get even worse, with the addition of WMAF couples being the new Nazis. Yee boy howdy – that’s a lot of troubled kids.

I mean you could wait for the turbo Nazi hapas with severe self image issues who go around slaughtering white women (again), or you could address this, but, nobody seems to want to, so, oh well.