His facebook, filled with alt-right, racist, anti-immigrant, and white pride images – and Japanese women.

An archive of said page.

His report as a Holocaust denier (like my autistic father) on the SLPC.

Self explanatory. Also – hilarious if you think that this isn’t going to affect you, because it is.

Edit: apparently Ryan Dawson is half Native American, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was yet another racist biracial raised by a white supremacist white father and a Native mother (after all – white women are the enemies to the struggling white man).

Imagine that there are thousands upon thousands of these extremely maladjusted, socially awkward, incel white men who blame their rejection by white women on Jews – and then marry mentally ill Japanese women who they view as “replacement” chaste, traditional, family oriented, etc. What about their kids? Honestly – what the f*ck is going to be going through their kids’ minds? 

Anti-semite, mentally ill, white supremacists blame Jews for the corruption of white women and the corruption of white countries, so run off to Japanese and Asian women as a way to feel powerful, in control, and not have his alt-right Nazi values challenged by a white skinned, traditional, family oriented Asian woman who makes him feel powerful, in control, and big.

And you wonder why half-Asian children are deeply troubled, being both half-Asian and looking like Asian men (a negative, even to Asian women – being constantly made fun of and treated as “other” even by family), and having a literal mentally ill, conspiracy theorist white father who can’t adapt to modern society – and having a mentally ill, self hating Asian mother who marries him with the hopes of “blue eyed children.”

Exactly why would a half Asian child with a literal white supremacist figurehead and an Asian mom not be troubled?

It’s also become apparent to me that a lot of his behavior comes as a result of these same white men being socially ostracized by the Asian wife – kept in a dead bedroom, being nagged and harangued – and turning to far right politics as a way to feel revelant and deal with his sexual impotence. This would explain why my father become more and more intense over time. My suspicion is that the combination of an unfulfilling marriage, the Asian woman’s total dominance and control over a husband she has no physical attraction to, and the white man’s inability to communicate and his suffering from isolation and exclusion by both western and Asian societies that drives him further into a far-right rage.


  1. Be rejected by white women for personality defects and genetic flaws
  2. Blame being unable to compete in turbo-capitalist, highly-socialized, aggressive, hyper-masculine, individualist society on Jews and black men
  3. Go to Japan / Asia where people are less socialized and reserved
  4. Pretend that you’ve found the key to life and the plight of the white man, by being white around naive Asians who have no concept of western culture (for some reason, a lot of me who suffer from debilitating issues seem to “find themselves” in Asia).
  5. Marry a mentally ill, status-hungry Asian woman who needs a man to control easier than she can an Asian male
  6. Dead bedroom
  7. Become sexually agitated and aggressive like Ryan Dawson and go even further right in an attempt to offset celibacy, an unhappy marriage, social exclusion and mockery, and cognitive dissonance of being a Nazi sympathizer with an Asian wife
  8. Have mentally ill, Asian looking children who suffer under white supremacy
  9. ????

“Oh, EurasianTiger, you’re just an angry incel?”

I’ve been doxxed. My name is everywhere. I’m WARNING people about this for their own safety, and for personal reasons of not wanting to let my family get away with this. I was willing to sacrifice everything to get this across, and I will do it for the next 50 years, taking over every half Asian related domain name until it’s become common knowledge.