In a post-racial world, for whatever reason, being an Asian (male) is still being abnormal. Asian is a slur.

Even if said Asian has a white father, like most Asians these days, since Asian women are world famous for going out of their way to explicitly exclaim the inferiority of Asian men.

Now their sons look like…. Asian males since Asian genes are strong as hell. (And tend to become more pronounced as half-Asian men get older).

I guess we can all be happy that in this case, this half Asian male doesn’t have a Nazi father. Can’t really speak for the rest of ’em though. Have fun with this, world.

I don’t even know other half-Asians that don’t make fun of each other for being Asian. Gee… I wonder how this is going to turn out.

Also – in before some WMAF couples use this guy as proof of a “successful” half-Asian. Have you actually watched his videos? I guess when the bar for being half-Asian is being an insecure, racist, self-hating, pouting, narcissistic weirdo who is going on 30 without any chance of ever finding a woman, consistently denying that he’s Asian (despite looking very Asian) – HIMR is at least someone successful in broadcasting his behavior to the world.