Link to Hopclear. Just google it – it’s everywhere.

Or course, Nazis on 4chan continue the long history of white supremacists fetishizing and even marrying submissive, traditional, “based,” “family oriented” Asian women as an alternative to “feminist, liberal, mudshark” white women.

I won’t even bother reading the article but I had my spat with her before (I communicated with her on Reddit) and am pretty sure she has been mentioned on years ago. I’m too lazy to use my own search function.

Once again, the last bastion of white supremacy…. belongs to Asians, in particular, a certain gender of Asians. The only gender of non-white people who thinks it’s funny to badmouth blacks, Latins, immigrants, Muslims, yadda yadda – in her attempt to fit in with the big strong conquering Hu-white man.


Katherine Zhu joins Michelle Malkin, Amy Chua, Kyle Chapman’s wife, the bulk of Australia’s one and only far-right anti-immigration group – One Nation’s wives, etc. etc.

There is only a single group of women who are so entirely desperate to feel “beautiful” and feel “accepted” that they will take up the mantle of white supremacy – so long as it represents the pinnacle of power within their host country, since, of course, Asian society ruthlessly pursues power and success over any love, consideration or morals. Escaping their “undefined” Asian faces – which they feel are genuinely ugly – also comes par and parcel with this. Having “almost white” children that they can parade around full Asians and pretend can be used to become movie stars in America (which never, ever happens) – is their modus operandi. White racists, on the other hand – use women like Kathy Zhu to bolster their feeling of “fighting back” against multiculturalism and an anti-white agenda – all at the expense of Asian men (which includes half Asian men, unfortunately). This has been going on for nearly a hundred years.

One of my cousins once told me she hated living in China and wanted to return home to be “around all the white people.” She also refuses to bring her white boyfriend to our dinner events because he’s “too ugly.” (I suppose that women like her have difficulty attracting the men they actually want, but more often than not don’t care that they are dating or marrying the literal bottom of the barrel white men – bald, incel, nerdy, ugly – since they never have any intention of touching them).

My mother was a racist – always complaining about blacks and Hispanics that were making it harder for her to survive in the capitalist nightmare that was 1990’s America. My father though – he was a practically a Nazi. Maybe not even practically – but full on. Anti-black, Holocaust denying, anti-immigration, anti-gay, anti-Jewish, anti-Asian; and when these men are threatened by black men, Hispanics, Arabs, and scary looking dark men – well, one group of women is a sure effin’ thing when it comes to always having the white man’s back.

Keep in mind that I identify as Asian – because my mother is Asian. I’ve heard horribly racist things from Asian women, and the non-Asian men who are forced to chase them out of desperation.


So, do I need to repeat myself?

Yeah. Probably. I guess in the event that a half-Asian guy shoots up a house party or something screaming “WHITE POWER”, you can say, wow, EurasianTiger was right.

Asian women want to be white. They want to feel beautiful, like they have “proper” bones in their face to compete with white girls. They will do anything to ingratiate themselves to white power structures – in order to fulfill their desire for social status, assimilation, and “marrying up,” – all prime directives within Asian culture. Marrying for love? Sex? No – that’s for everyone else. In Asian culture – you marry for convenience and power – throwing ideas of common human decency, physical attraction, kindness and love out of the window, since you’re not planning on sleeping with the man anyways. And who has the power? Well – the same balding, ugly, incel white men who claim that white women rejecting them is “Jew promoted feminism.” Hence you find hundreds of thousands of racist conservative men married to Asian women – for decades.

Essentially, non-white white supremacy revolves around white women. White women are seen as the best, while non-white women wish they were white women, and white men want white women, but failing to get them, seek to replace them.

And you wonder why half-Asian children have mental problems. Two turbo racist white supremacists, a Tiger mom, a privileged fethishist, and everything else. A match made in hell.