Random Youtube ads that pop up. When I see a half Asian, I generally check if this person is biracial. And yes, 9 out of 10 times – they have an Asian last name. Which, in America, usually means that daddy is the Asian one, even given the incredible rarity and violence and marginalization that has always existed against Asian men.



It’s pretty self explanatory why this is happening. AMWF / AMXF is generally much more loving and nurturing of Asian heritage than the reverse (WMAF), where it’s all about integrating into whiteness, social status, money and “success”, weaponizing your kids to fulfill our mother’s lust for status and achievement-vis-a-whiteness, abusing your children with racist head-games and Tiger Parenting, and racist, unattractive, socially rejected white dads creeping around trying to save western civilization against feminists, Jews, Mexicans, blacks or Asian men, or whatever, while denying that racism exists, all with the help of a turbo-racist, white supremacist Asian wife who wishes that we – their children – looked white.

That, and no mentally ill Tiger moms, no loveless marriages, and no alt-right, quasi-incel, nerdy, turbo-weirdo dads rubbing the inferiority of Asian men into a child’s face as his way to feel powerful after being harshly rejected from the western social pool, his only leverage being with Asian, and only Asian women, since, in his mind, the biggest loser white guy is better than any Asian male.

Also – there are a ton of bald, short, unattractive, Republican white guys with Asian brides, who all mistake sexual selection for “feminism.” I’m not some kind of scientist, but my guess is that the men that literally most women on the planet reject, and the status-hungry Asian women who marry them – don’t produce the movie star hapas that AMWF produces. In fact – they don’t even produce “normal” children, given the wild and staggering degree of racism and hatred found within the average racist white guy + racist Asian woman “marriage.”

If anything, there’s a higher chance of a white guy with an Asian fetish to be racist against Asian men (and his own kids), than there is a white guy with preference against Asian women.

But who am I to say? Just go meet some half Asians and tell me which ones act more “normal.” Because I have a white dad and Asian mom and I sure don’t.

Bookmark this page and I’ll keep a running list. It’s pretty obvious, and also sort of surreal how Asian actresses are all over the media blasting the inferiority of Asian males and marrying white (and only white) social rejects in an attempt to gain a leg up – yet the children of Asian males and non Asian women are the ones putting in the leg-work as the beautiful, successful hapa children.

Oh, and, I’m not racist. I’m half Asian. I couldn’t possibly be racist.

Here’s another one:

You know those Grammarly ads that you see on Youtube?

Recognize her?


Yeah. Yeah.


Netflix’ show “Maniac” is directed by… you guessed it – an AMWF hapa, and features… you guessed it, an AMWF actress.Netflix’ show Maniac is directed by… you guessed it – an AMWF hapa, and features… you guessed it, an AMWF actress.

Again, it’s not really rocket science.