The actor, Jason Tobin, has a white father and Asian mother and looks distinctly Asian – as most half Asians with white fathers and Asian mothers do, despite our parents being aggressively intent on demonizing the Asian male appearance in a desperate attempt to feel “normal” and escape the low status, perpetually-mocked “curse” of Asianness (especially when it’s on the wrong gender – a man – since being Asian, to westerners, pretty much just is boiled down to the fetishization of the women and barring that is entirely useless). Again, I’m not the one making this stuff is – this is how most Asians in the west feel and behave.

This movie came one year before Elliot Rodger’s infamous massacre of Asian men and white women – something also reflected in this movie, which is scarily precocious, when you consider that many half Asians indeed do hate Asian men (because their racist, alt-right, rejected fathers hate Asian men – their “competition” for Asian women, as do their mothers, and both also hate “feminist” white blonde women – the real prize, for a number of reasons). Many half-Asian men subconsciously blame Asian men for reminding themselves – the half-Asian men – that they too look and appear Asian, which is, even to our parents, universally repulsive.

Add to the fact that many of our Tiger Moms hate that we look “too Asian,” and boom – what’d you think would happen? We all walk off into the sunshine into a Norman Rockwell painting, with white men and Asian women who wish for white children lead us into an all white world?

But look on the bright side! At least a hapa finally got his big break in Hollywood.

Throw a stone in any direction and you can find the real life version of this guy: