Another half-Asian who looks and identifies as a fully Asian male (like most of us do). I won’t comment on the bizarre dynamic with his parents – including the gum chewing, pragmatist Asian mom wearing designer sunglasses.

Remember, according to our Asian moms and our poor, downtrodden white dads – racism doesn’t exist, never existed, and as long as Asian Tiger Moms continue to seek out top tier white men – the children will have no problems, since all half Asian men look like “yellow-haired,” blue eyed Brad Pitts or Leonardo Dicaprios, regardless of what their parents look like. The fact that nearly every interracial relationship involves a mediocre (and oftentimes racist, entitled, and deliberately ignorant) white man , and an Asian woman who mocks “effeminate” Asian men and desperately wants to assimilate into whiteness for social status, and into a loveless, pragmatist “relationship” will have no profound consequences on society, at all.

Compare to a non-cherry picked Youtuber with an Asian father (this guy is a large Youtuber):

Hmm…. now I wonder why the half Asians with white dads and Asian moms are the ones with over the top, arrogant and compensating behavior, low self esteem, and emasculated mannerisms?

The “master race,” folks: