Another half-Asian who looks and identifies as a fully Asian male. I won’t comment on the bizarre dynamic with his parents – including the gum chewing, pragmatist Asian mom.

Remember, according to our Asian moms and our poor, downtrodden white dads – racism doesn’t exist, never existed, and as long as Asian Tiger Moms continue to seek out top tier white men – the children will have no problems, since all half Asian men look like “yellow-haired,” blue eyed Brad Pitts or Leonardo Dicaprios, regardless of what their parents look like. The fact that nearly every interracial relationship involves a mediocre (and oftentimes racist) white man , and an Asian woman who mocks “effeminate” Asian men and desperately wants to assimilate into whiteness for social status, and into a loveless, pragmatist “relationship” will have no profound consequences on society, at all.

Compare to a non-cherry picked Youtuber with an Asian father (this guy is a large Youtuber):