Not sure if this guy is half or full Asian… but again we see Asians being involved in white supremacy. Only Asians and half Asians seem desperate to fulfill their desire for assimilation into whiteness.

Asians feel “almost” white. They long to belong to the western hegemony, which they feel represents success, stability and power. Blacks, Latinos, and darker races, put in juxtaposition to Asians, makes Asians feel “almost” or “practically white.” Oftentimes the confusion with feeling “superior” to both whites and Asians causes some Asians and half-Asians to develop Nazi tendencies, as a form of latching onto expressions of clear racial power dynamics – such as in this case of an AMWF Hapa girl who was involved in the plotting of a Halifax mall shooting in Canada.

Add to this an already preexisting toxic animosity towards large numbers of Asians and a near-psychotic, inherently human obsession with hierarchies (mostly sexualized) – and you get extremely bizarre, self-hating, and aggressive behavior from Asians attempting to integrate at all costs… some even going so far as to go full Nazi.

You never go full Nazi.

“Normal” people (yes, I consider myself normal, well-adjusted and handsome, if only a little OCD) should find this extremely alarming, as well as the prevalence of Nazi Half Asians and Nazi Hapas who will be taking up the banner of white male supremacy in the near future. But again, this is really nothing new, and I the racist “Asian connection” 30 years ago so now you’ve got god-knows-how-many of these psychos running around.

The reason I keep this blog is simply to avoid letting these a-holes get away with something like this – and they have been, and I personally know a number of Hapas who are violence-obsessed, right-wing a-holes desperately trying to fit in.