Yet nobody blinks an eye that Sweden is home to hundreds of thousands of Swedish men with Thai wives and half-Asian children.

The double standard with the treatment of Asian women and Asian men is truly apalling in scale, especially given the double standards that white racism has towards race mixing – with white racist hegemonies smiling on “civilized white men” saving “petite,” “feminine” Asian women from those mean, nasty, ugly Asian men.

Many of these same white nationalists tend to idealize Asian women as petite, feminine, traditional, chaste, family oriented alternatives to white women, and for whatever reason, raise their children to be “white,” wherein they praise the half-Asians light eye color and hair color.

Also of note: obviously the high quality of the Asian man (tall, full head of hair, symmetrical features), compared to the usual poor quality of the racist, privileged, leering, balding, unattractive white male who targets Asian women as his “revenge” against, ironically, traitorous white women.

And you wonder why half-Asians, supposedly “smarter” and “more intelligent” than other races (racist nonsense pushed by our racist parents), seem to be angry with this stupid, backwards, hypocritical world, and seem to amount to pretty much nothing, when raised by, ironically, equally as racist white fathers and Asian mothers, who also attempt as hard as they can to control their children’s dating choices, attempt to make their children eschew and shame their own heritage, and also join in on the bashing of Asian men and white women.