I’m too depressed to look up this guy’s information but it’s readily available.

He’s yet another far-right, pro-white, “strong” white man with an Asian fetish; i.e., a fetish for the only women who he feels will support and never question a right wing, ultra paleoconservative white man. And maybe he’s not wrong.

Because he has a half Asian daughter.

And he admits to calling her a “half gook.”

Keep in mind there are millions of half Asian kids with racist white dads; lots of them are nearing adulthood now. My dad was a Holocaust denier, a conspiracy theorist, a far-rightist who hated white women for being “mudsharks.” Apparently my father’s first girlfriend left him for a Mexican and his yellow fever started as a result; you know, for traditional, family oriented, white skinned Asian women who will never cheat on the white man.

My suspicion is that these couples also seem to have a lot of daughters because, well, you know, sons like me are too much trouble.

By the way, I’ve faced racism for looking like an Asian guy before – and this has come from not only westernized Asian women, but the men who liked them. The more a man only likes Asian women, the higher chance that he’s a huge racist who hates blacks, immigration and especially Asian men.

I was born in 1986, by the way. My father was a racist then. I made it to about 20 years old before I started to question these things. Hapas older than me essentially would just kill themselves, without the internet. Who’s going to ever make ammends for those lives that were lost? Because if it wasn’t for me – and /r/hapas – you’d do it again, and again, and again.

I’ve been doxxed. Just google my name. My face is everywhere, so if you want to keep saying that I’m a jealous full Asian man, go ahead, but you’re not doing yourselves any favors by ignoring me. My facebook is already blowing up with people trying to get at me, so try to draw me out of hiding by saying I’m a full Asian man. I dare you.