Asian women remain the only women to support right wing, anti-immigration policies. She joines Kathy Zhu, Michelle Malkin, Elaine Chao, etc.

They want to be white and are incredibly insecure about not fitting the western beauty standard. They feel “almost white” due to having a status hungry, family oriented, money-focused culture, and marriage into whiteness, for the sake of ease of life, and pragmatism, means that they will do anything to appeal to white patriarchal hegemony. Culturally, Asian people are not encouraged to marry for love, but for social access, hence marriage to racist white men, while championing racism against non-white groups, is a viable option.

They support and marry unattractive, bottom of the barrel white men (oftentimes racist themselves, seeking to escape “slutty, feminist” white, black, Latina women and maximize on white privilege after being rejected by white women) in order to integrate and obtain social power, and to feel more beautiful than white women, or any other women.

They create half-Asian children who ironically look Latino, Asian, or even black, while championing for integration into whiteness, anti-immigration, and right wing policies. Half Asian sons, in particular, feel bombarded with racism against their Asian side, and conflicted into embracing whiteness to match up with their mothers’ expectations of privilege and access, and their father’s conservative, privileged beliefs. Hence many half-Asian men, in particular, overcompensate with racist, conservative behavior, over-the-top delusional self-worth (i.e., “all half Asian men are studs” – when in fact none of them are), and paranoid about their Asian features (e.g., dark hair, Asian eyes), while measuring their self worth on how white they look.

I know this because my mother was an extreme racist (one who thought all black people were criminals, for example) who married a literal Holocaust denying, borderline autistic, anti-social, anti-feminist, far-right, Neo-Nazi who was angry that white women were “traitorous, slutty whores.”

What is society going to be doing about the white supremacist half-Asians who look non-white, are paranoid about their non-white heritage, and have a low quality, white supremacist father and a non-white, Asian, white supremacist mother who shames them for their Asian appearance and goads them into integrating into whiteness? Don’t be surprised that evil begets evil.