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Another day, another biracial Asian with an Asian father doing the right thing. Sort of amazing how the children of Asian men and non-Asian women are the ones who are putting in leg work on progress, rather than the children of extremely racist, hateful, white supremacist, status hungy Asian women and the racist, privileged white men who marry them out of a desire to “feel big.”

Not pimping themselves out to racist western media, playing the role of Asian stereotypes while bragging about “Eurasian beauty” that isn’t actually there; not being over the top, alt-right, overcompensating, right-wing racists desperate to be as good as the white man; not degrading themselves in any variety of way out of insecurity in their Asian features, etc.

None of my white family, or my Chinese family, care about global warming or climate change, because they are all conservative and right wing; more focused on integration and success and fighting back against blacks, Latinos, and left-wing multiculturalism. In fact, my white family firmly believes that global warming is a leftist, communist conspiracy, part of the Jewish feminist global agenda. Asian women, of course, have a heavy presence in my family – you know, being the traditional, family oriented, “based” alternatives to western women that they are.