His post history composed of ranting, racist, anti-semitic conspiracy theories that rival my own dad’s.

The weirdest, most racist, most socially ostracized white men on the planet go for Asian women as a way to feel big and in control and unapologetically proud of their whiteness. And it appears that Asian women, desperate to feel powerful, beautiful, and to assimilate into white power structures (rather than marry for love) are happy to oblige – which, in turn, the racist white men who want to feel power over men of color (who they view as a sexual threat) – are more than happy to accept.

More hypocritical insanity from the racist, paranoid, mentally unbalanced white men who fetishize Asian women as an alternative to traitorous white women, mudsharks, multiculturalism, and the “Kalergi Plan.”

White guys marry Asian women primarily to get away from the high demands of “traitorous” white women. They produce half Asian children that have a paleoconservative, racist, weird, cringey white dad, and a self-hating Asian mother who wanted to marry him for the social status / money / integration into a white country – where she would have a better ease of life and “whiter” children.

One problem though – it’s impossible to raise half-Asian children as white, and even worse so is the combination of mentally unstable, racist parents who try to weaponize their children – despite their children inheriting strong Asian features – means a nightmare in the making.

Especially with the intensity of racism against Asians.

So now we have four more white supremacist Half Asian boys (who sometimes look even more Asian than their mothers) being raised by literal white supremacist psychopaths and the Asian women who took them (since Asian women, themselves, desperately want to be white – but of course, the upstanding, handsome white guys are the ones who will marry anything but a self-hating Asian).

Take “CelticHongKong82’s” bizarre form of hypocritical, colonialist lust for “submissive, traditional” Asian women – and translate that into millions of mentally ill, racist, self-hating, over compensating Hapas. How is the Hapacalypse not going to happen, exactly?

Some of this brilliant, stereotypical hapa-papa racist psychosis – typical of white men who fetishize Asian women:

I don’t care for Asian heritage of culture, I only take interest in Asian fighting culture because it’s similar to my own Irish culture, when I was young I learned a lot about boxing from watching Yuh Myung-woo. I also don’t care for race mixing, have babies with whoever but just to be aware and informed on the Kalgeri Zionist agenda considering your children will be aware of it. Yeah the samurai were strong, they fought til the very end of their time and never dishonored the samurai code, they charged with swords and arrows on horses into battle against guns and cannons how can you not respect that ?

Half Asians are going to be a “peculiar” demographic in the coming years. Just FYI. Of course, everyone knew this but decided to cover it up with the myth of a perfect mixed-race utopia.

As for the irony of the so called “master” of the destruction of the west being half Japanese – it makes perfect sense.


Well, half-Asians are generally born from racist Asian mothers who seek white, and only white men – for the explicit purpose of power, integration, privilege, and prestige and survival; whereas white men seek out Asian women for the purpose of having traditional, family oriented women to help them feel a sense of control. However, racism from whites also severely limits the self-esteem and mobility of half-Asian men. Being betrayed by ones own mother (and father) who chose white supremacy over the wellbeing of their own children creates such nihilstic resentment in us, the biracial Asian children, that our only real option is to get behind the total dismantling of the power structures that created us, and that our parents tried as hard as they could to maintain. By leveraging other non-white groups, half-Asians such as Kalergi are able to get revenge by proxy, making sure that our paradoxical exclusion from white power structures eventually means nothing.