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This article is from a few years ago, and has since been taken down, since her employers probably found out about her racism. If anything, I myself try to appeal to whites and non-Asians, as a warning about the children of women like this (Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, and a few half Asians I know of come to mind).

But that doesn’t really solve anything  – because there are millions of Asian women who do exactly as she does, but aren’t stupid enough to write about it on the web.

Asian women indeed, on the whole, seek to assimilate and integrate with white – and mostly if not only white – men, with the intent on fulfilling the Asian cultural need to prefer the most “successful” partners, rather than marry for love or physical attraction. (Compare this to the fact that historically – women who married Asian men were revoked their citizenship; and even today, are harassed and even attacked).

Like my mother, Jenny will (if not having already) raise a biracial Asian child who she will push to identify as white, with the help of whatever unattractive, desperate, racist white man who is flattered enough to feel “worshipped” for his race, after being rejected by what he perceives as “feminist, slutty” white women. Hence nearly every white guy with an Asian wife you run across has “racial tourettes'” against pretty much everyone but straight white men – because in WMAF, the white man was looking for a substitute who would ignore his flaws in favor of the fact that he was unapologetically white.

The problem though is that half-Asians, especially with Asian mothers, never, ever look white (especially as they grow older) and sometimes look even more unattractive than their mothers due to having ugly fathers; and even if they did, getting half-Asians to try to achieve white privilege, while being half-Asian, is a fast track to mental illness, given how picky real white supremacy is, and how negative Asianness is perceived – especially on a man. So now we have millions of overcompensating, entitled, self-loathing half-Asians who will do anything to feel as powerful and strong as the average white man. Their mothers, of course, fed them the “all half Asians are beautiful” lie in order to cover up this intermarriage imbalance and desire to assimilate into white power structures – for well over 50 years.

You might think I’m exaggerating, but this is what our mothers do, and this, in turn, makes Asian women a highly attractive pick for racist white men who feel like there’s some kind of anti-white conspiracy, so they want Asian women as a back up plan for their masculinity. I’ve already been doxxed. If you think I’m lying, just Google me and message me on Facebook.

Jenny’s mentality is the norm among Asian women especially in my family, and yet, as a half-Asian man, like most half-Asian men, I have been brutally insulted on a nearly daily basis – for the fact that I’m Asian, rather than white. My father, in turn, was a paleoconservative, conspiracy theorist, HAM-radio listening, far-right, homophobic, Holocaust denying Nazi sympathizer who was rejected by “slutty white hippie chicks” apparently – so a “family oriented” Asian woman from Hong Kong who would respect his whiteness, respect tradition,  and respect the battered white western man, (and never sleep with those dangerous black or Latino men) was his only choice. Obviously their marriage was broken, not based on love, sexless, with constant arguments, and my pragmatic mother totally dominating, berating, and controlling my father, constantly nagging and miserable due to the fact that she married a balding loser, and herself was incapable of expressing physical affection or love due to her self hatred and realization that my father was a fetishist who could not attract a non Asian woman.

Keep in mind that despite all of this, the progress made by white women and other minority groups has made it easier for half-Asians, despite WMAF couples still being the last bastion of white supremacy, looking to bring back the golden age of white power in the west. Keep in mind feminism, spearheaded by white women, is the only reason why WMAF couples (intent on fighting feminism and maintaining the power of white men), aren’t able to fully carry out their plan.

Regardless, there are still now about a million half-Asian children being raised, on average, by men and women who are more racist against Asians than any other randomly selected pairing on the planet could be – and you somehow think this won’t have real world consequences?

I mean – given that there are millions of half Asians raised by white supremacist Asian moms and the loser white men who marry them – what do you think this does to the childrens’ psychology?

This has been going on for decades. I’ll leave a quote about half-Asian men below:

Most Hapa men:

  • Consider themselves white, and overcompensate for it (with alt right politics, racism, mixed martial arts, etc)
  • Are extremely arrogant, offputting, and delusional about their appeal, due to myths perpetuated by self hating mothers
  • Extremely paranoid about being identified as Asian
  • Passionately hate Asian men (despite sometimes resorting to Asian women, like their fathers)
  • Strong dislike as well as lust for white women
  • Extremely sexually insecure and even confused and subconsciously emasculated and have internalized the idea that Asian men are inferior and that for whatever reason, half-Asian men are superior to everyone else (which is false)