Incels of all colors feel angry that they are rejected by women, so they target Asian men with girls of any race (mostly white), because despite being incel, these men feel like they are better than all Asian men.

Thank decades of media brainwashing for this.

I really think that some of these incels are going to target AM / HM and white female couples in the future. I was harassed a lot years ago by the same non-Asian guys who fetishized and even managed to get Asian girls too (who ironically are a last ditch effort on incels’ part).

Being part Asian or full Asian makes you a target for bottom of the barrel men, who feel that that must be better than you – simply because you are seen as inferior by default. These same men ironically fetishize Asian women as an answer to being an incel – because Asian men are seen as undesirable – even to Asian women, hence a high prevalence of men with Asian partners tend to be over the top racists who are angry that the Asian woman is his last choice. And Asian women, being asexual, pragmatic and viewing “love” as a practical survival tactic – are happy to marry bottom of the barrel white men simply for the social status boost.