Xiaxue, a known racist who is married to a low status, unattractive white man, continues to mock anything left wing in her desperate attempt to appeal to whites as an alternative to liberal white women, and to cement herself at the side of white people as “almost white” and just as “beautiful” as white women, to cover up for her debilitating self-hatred. This is a common trait among many Asian women who feel ugly due to what they perceive as unhealthy skin color, lack of defined features, lack of feminine features – and to compensate for this, they try to ingratiate themselves to white men; and of course, this attracts alt-right losers with a fetish for being “worshipped” when white women fail to live up to their “responsibility.”


Like many Asians, Asians feel “civilized” compared to other races and desperately want to assimilate and achive “whiteness;” in turn, racist white men, who feel angry at white women for betraying whiteness, turn to Asian women as an “anti-feminist, traditional” alternative that will appreciate his unapologetic whiteness and racism.

After all, white men need an alternative to white women, in order to stem the tide of color, “coalburners,” feminists, and positive change.

One of her racist tweets.

An archive.


Now, like millions of other Hapas, Xiaxue’s son (who, like most children of WMAF couples – looks very Asian, and looks very, very unhappy) is raised by a racist, white supremacist Asian woman, a white racist father, and yet looks and identifies as an Asian man – which automatically makes him a target for neverending abuse, even without the alt-right fantasy world of the WMAF couples in place. And you wonder why half Asians are so troubled, being encouraged to take up the realms of white supremacy, but looking like Asian men – the same men who their own parents have tried to exclude from their ideal white supremacist world.

It’s no wonder most if not all half Asians are either severely upset, channeling their anger into turbo conservatism, or like me, getting behind far left politics in an attempt to destroy any hope of our racist parents achieving their white picket fence Nazi dreams.