His Reddit profile, which is ironically filled with racism against Asian men, racism against blacks, Muslims, etc; and even more ironically is fully in support of Asian “feminism.”

An archive of his posts.

Bottom of the barrel, extremely racist white men are obsessed with Asian women as their last resort after being rejected by every other woman, which they blame on “feminism,” and “Jews,” multiculturalism, etc.

So to compensate for their cognitive dissonance of being a turbo racist with an Asian fetish as his only resort to feel “powerful”, the only thing they can do is badmouth Asian men. They spend more time talking about Asian men than they do talking about anything else, which would indicate that the relationship or fetish for last ditch Asian women isn’t really fulfilling. My guess is that the negative reception to his fetish from the public, the unfulfilling nature of the “relationship” (if it even exists), the lack of sex, the hostile nature of the woman – all contributes to him attacking Asian men as his only way to make sense of his own issues. Which is tragic, because most half-Asian sons look Asian. Half Asian sons can never identify with our parents’ dream of a classic, all-white world, since in that world – we would, and have been, and still are – considered “abnormal.” So in what world would half-Asians support racist WMAF?

Why is this so common?

I would pay way more attention to this – since this has been happening for decades.

If a guy says he doesn’t date Asian girls, there’s a higher chance he’s less racist against Asian and half-Asian men (and his own future sons), than a guy who fetishizes Asian girls.

The irony is that men back in the 1850’s, Nazis, and Klansmembers who have no interest in bolstering their own sense of power through Asian women, were and are less racist against Asian and half-Asian men – than the modern day sex-crazed hypocritical racist incel who fetishizes “colonizing” Asian women as revenge against white women and minorities.