Lower status white men who feel that they’re “losing their countries” to darker skinned people / men, run off to Asia where they can broadcast their white supremacy to Asians, without being judged or held accountable for it by whites, or anyone else. They oftentimes marry Asian women who don’t understand the cultural gap and see pale, unattractive white men as a ticket to a higher status, more comfortable, more easily “controllable” life. This has been going on for a long time. My father was one of these people – hated white women, feminism, blacks, Latinos, Jews, Arabs, etc, but married an Asian woman. The only reason this is becoming visible now is because of the internet… and me, EurasianTiger.

The last bastion for white racism and superiority is done wholly through Asians, the only people who will eat it up in their desperate attempt to feel a sense of “cameraderie” with the light skinned people with “deep, 3D features” that they wish they could feel and look like – for a sense of power and relevance, and to feel as if they’ve finally been acceptd by their “hosts”. These white men who feel like they’re losing power at home to a more egalitarian society run off to Asia and marry “submissive, traditional, family oriented women” who won’t challenge their racism, make them feel powerful and unapologetically racist, and will most importantly, never sleep with a man of color. 

Ever notice how racist white guys always wind up in Asia, the only “safe” countries, promoting their white colonialist ideas from the safety of a bunch of supposedly “non-violent” Asian people who have no understanding of racism in the west?

Only one problem though; in the desperate attempt to use Asian women as a control locus for white male supremacy – they accidentally marginalize their own Asian-looking sons.

A 4chan thread where Neo Nazis are celebrating Korea as “paradise.”

Comments from POC disparaging him.


Essentially this is the same dynamic as those “white guys speaking Chinese” videos.

Is that there are millions if not billions of non-native English speakers who speak fluent English but they don’t get any attention.

These predators specifically learn Chinese because they’re aware of the privileges that come from going into that part of the world and forcing yourself onto them without judgment.

Also obviously there is the sexualized element of doing it in front of an Asian couple and focusing on the Asian woman’s “surprise”.