I don’t know much about this guy, but I do know about being a troubled Hapa with a racist, conspiracy theorist white dad and an insane, racist, white supremacist Asian mom who makes you ashamed to be Asian and talks poorly about Asian men while acknowledging that a racist white loser is better than being Asian. I also know what it’s like to be made to feel as if you are “less” for being part Asian (not that it matters to everyone else that I’m only “part” – including to the white guys / Asian women who hate Asian males, but want to maximize on whiteness). I’m personally not surprised by trouble hapas; if anything I’m more surprised that there aren’t more of them.

Apparently Nathaniel’s daddy used to “make bullets.”

Making his own bullets: what normal, well adjusted men do.

Not that it matters (it probably does), Nathaniel has one of those “take back the west” names given to him by his narcissist white father; kind of like Prometheus Maximus, or whatever Zuckerberg named his kid in his attempt to weaponize his “superior” half-Asian baby to fix the western world which treats him poorly for being born white, but with incel looks.

Nobody really knows what goes on in WMAF families, but I do. Been saying it for years. Looks like “movie star looks” didn’t save this guy. (It’s in quotes because he doesn’t have movie star looks; how many half-Asian movie “stars” are there, anyways – like two?).

This is how it goes:

  • Racist, conspiracy theorist, unattractive, socially-rejected, weirdo, Asian-hating white dad who used to make bullets and beat the crap out of Asian mom to channel his anger and frustration at being a racist conspiracy theorist in a dysfunctional sexless marriage to a hostile, controlling, asexual Asian woman who won’t touch him. Making bullets is next level survivalist / Walking Dead / conspiracy level / militia behavior – very common among the anti-feminist, right wing white dads who think that the west is failing thanks to “slutty” white women (when in reality women just don’t want them) and channel their unfulfilled sexual energy / cognitive dissonance into becoming even more racist despite having an Asian wife.
  • Psycho, pragmatist, self hating Asian mom who married his dad for the purpose of having superior half white babies (meanwhile the world treats us like inferior Asian men) and integrate into the “superior” west. Scratch that – they want white babies.
  • Bullied in school for being an Asian male, treated like crap by even WMAF couples who mistake him for an inferior Asian male; half-Asian women go on to fulfill the role of Asian women (look at Lily or whatever on Modern Family)
  • Apparently (I’m too jaded to even bother following through with this; some other hapas could probably confirm) dyed his hair to look more like his parents’ ideal Hu-white man.
  • Fetishistic dysfunctional home life between white dad / Asian mom (we all know exactly what I’m talking about here)
  • White family ignoring his issues; Asian family trying to save face for “muh social standing” and “muh integration” and “you’re practically white, son”, and “you’re not Asian son”.

Got some advice for stereotypical WMAF couples though, quit while your ahead and try to nip this in the bud because eventually one of these kids is gonna write a manifesto being very clear about what you guys are doing behind closed doors.

It’s one of many! Ever wonder why every single mixed race mass shooter has had a white dad, or has been a white male?

Oh, also, before I forget:

I can’t be racist. I’m half Asian!