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Another day, another Asian woman supporting white supremacy in her attempt to feel as beautiful as those white women (this is how they think) and to show that she “integrated” the correct way into the superior west.

Keep in mind her mentality is very common among pragmatically racist Asian Tiger Moms who feel that marrying a (generally ugly, generally socially ostracized) racist white man is the best, most practical way to achieve success and power and a feeling of belonging to the white majority hegemony.

Regardless of the fact that half-Asian children never look white. In fact, most look Asian – which makes them targets for mockery and bullying; others look Latino, which probably is somehow even worse, considering how racist their parents are. There have been testimonials of how Asian women have been racist to hapas with Asian moms, due to the fact that these Hapas look Latino. In fact, to anyone discerning enough (which is racists, which includes some Asian women), one drop of non-white blood means that the person is not white; so in a way, half-Asians are never as good as the white people that our mothers wish they, and we, were.

Luckily she only has daughters (though I think this is intentional with many white supremacist Asian women hoping for daughters).

You now have millions of half-Asians with unattractive, racist white dads who married even more racist, white supremacist Asian women in an attempt to fight back against the “death of the west;” most of these half-Asians are incredibly insecure about their Asian heritage and desperate to be the “new whites,” and willing to go to incredibly lengths to take back the west against feminism, multiculturalism, blacks; etc.

Ironically I do think Fuentes himself is mixed; and my suspicion is that the new white supremacy is being carried out by mixed people desperate to live up to their white male parentage. After all, white men, desperate to maintain their flimsy masculinized control of the world – will do everything in their power to incorporate Asian women (and other women of color) into their hegemony and pathological solipsistic views towards life (I.e., that white men are all the stars of their own movie and everyone else an NPC).

There’s going to be a time soon when White men with Asian wives are going to be deporting people of color from western countries. It already happened with One Nation in Australia – a right wing group filled with white males with “submissive, traditional Asian wives who actively work to limit immigration to Asian women and no one else. Everything in the lives of the everyday psycho is about power and dominance and twisting the system to make it work.

The problem, obviously, is how they’re going to tell their own children from their enemies; but I’m not sure they ever thought that one through. Maybe genetic tests to determine that their kids have white dads and Asian moms?

That’s a joke, but it’s not a joke that an Asian woman is supporting a literal Nazi. My mom was married to one.

*Edit: during World War 2, white women with Asian husbands were forced into internment  camps, while Asian women with white husbands were allowed to live freely. So I don’t think that this is too much of an exaggeration.