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FYI, I’m not an incel (probably as far removed from that as possible), nor do I want or think I own Asian women. I do, however, wish I was never born because my Nazi father and psychotic, suicidal mother, have made my life miserable and burdensome since the very beginning, and I simply dislike living in a world that has ignored this.

All I want to do is warn about the prevalence of extremely mentally unbalanced half-Asians out there who won’t be able to cope with racism against them, by society and their own parents.

White men who go for Asian women do so primarily because they feel intimidated by white women, social change, feminism, and a world where white men are not being socially rewarded simply for existinig. Any and all MGTOW forums seem to have a particular fascination with Asian women.

I’ve spent 10 years trying to explain this and I’m so, so weary of having to do this. The alt right white genocide types ALL have Asian or non white wives because they simply cannot get white women and view white women as traitors and sluts. Comments like these are the default.

Essentially what white men want is a white male dominated world with ANY KIND OF WOMAN at their side, and Asian women are the best match for them. “Submissive,” “clean,” “almost white,” “traditional,” “family oriented,” but most importantly, unwilling to sleep with black men.

The NYTimes touched on this and said it was never about “bumping fists with Asian men,” just about replacing white women. I think a lot of women are just totally out of sync with how white men think. But then again I don’t know, my mother had to have known. This also ignores the fact that Asian women (including those in my family) desperately wish that they were white women , want white children, and want to be included in the ideal “western lifestyle” that they envision as only involving white people and white children; i.e., the 1950’s lifestyle. My father, ironically, always told me that he wished it was still the 50’s – while still having a Chinese wife. However, during the 50’s, I wouldn’t have even been allowed to exist.

Kids are gonna have it rough since this is so common now with the overwhelming majority of MGTOWS, racists, etc, beelining for Asian women in an attempt to “replace” white women. Go on any and all MGTOW, far right, right wing, conservative website and the primary woman of choice is the Asian woman.

I imagine it’s only a matter of time before white men with Asian wives start calling for the removal of non-whites and Asian men; oh wait, America’s Mitch McConnell and a bunch of guys in Australia’s far-right party have already done so.

It’s overall pretty bad for half-Asians, since most of us look clearly non-white while we have parents adamant about creating an all European, right wing paradise where Asian men and minorities simply don’t exist. In fact this might also extend to other biracials with white fathers, all of whom looked to “replace” their ideal white woman – with non-white women who hoped for whiter, more “beautiful” daughters.