Her biography.

Go on any subreddit devoted to Asian issues, or any right-wing issues, or any issues, period, and find the high population of racist white men with Asian brides.

Also, extrapolate this into the fact that most half-Asians are identified as Asian by society. (Being Asian is seen as abnormal by most people).

Keep in mind that most half-Asians are born to desperate, racist (casually or openly), entitled and privileged white fathers who seek out Asian women as a way to capitalize on being unapologetically white and “dominant” over Asians, and racist, ruthless, cruel and nagging Asian mothers who hope for white children so that they can join the “winning team” of “high status white people” and spend every waking hour talking poorly about Asians to ingratiate herself to whites.

Keep in mind that Asian men are mocked by society, women who date Asian men lose social standing, and white male / Asian female couples love making a point of the fact that Asian men are invisible romantically, despite having children that are identified as Asian (and 100% of the time – non white) by society.

Now ask yourself why practically every hapa on the planet of any merit at all has a white mother (or in cases like South America, a Latin mother). Ask yourself why two massively successful television producers, Deborah Chow and Cary Fukanawa, both have Asian fathers.

Or, better yet, ask yourself where clueless – nay, opportunistic and willfully ignorant – white men are going wrong in raising biracial children with women of color (oops – I  mean replacement white women) – women who hope for white children so that they can feel “beautiful” and have white kids, and marry men who want to play big boy colonist among women of color.