Actual post.

Politics are just manifestations of sexual angst. Just go on the Nazi-revival website at, where the explicit woman of choice is the Asian woman. (I’m not exaggerating – go at any time of day, it’s been this way for years; Stormfront and are filled to the brim with white nationalists with “submissive,” conservative Asian wives). You might think I’m exaggerating, but given what I went through, the mental problems of half-Asians I know – you’d probably start treating this as a legitimate issue.

If you go on any /r/the_donald post, you will find dozens of posters making extremely racist, anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti-Chinese and anti-Latino comments. Click on any of them – and there’s an extremely high chance the poster has an Asian wife and kids, because white women are not taking men like this.

According to the overwhelming majority (yes, most of them think like this) of conservative white men who blame their sexual failures on “liberalism” (we can just call this the sexual revolution, which is inherently anti-conservative), White women are feminist “sluts” who sleep with black men, while Asian men are the enemy to be mocked and humiliated as being “beneath” the worst white man, and Asian women are “submissive, family oriented, traditional, predictable (re: asexual and status oriented) women” who support the battered white man in his quest for relevance against the tides of change. AKA – the fallback and replacement for the white man who feels he is being “replaced” by the white woman.

Literally everyone knows this is true, and ignores it, because you just think it’s “misogynistic” to complain about it.

No. It’s your literal future. Half Asians will represent this bizarre intersectionality, racism and white supremacy, but be even more driven by their self-hatred.

Whatevs. The deranged turbo-Nazis of the future will have Asian moms, and if you think mean words on the internet written by actual left-wing half-Asians who know our shit is “misogynistic,” I’m not sure how you’re going to spin the half-Asian psychos that are gonna be the face of good ‘ole “white” America in the immediate future.

If I cared what your opinion was of me I would have stopped warning people about this years ago.