Before I start, yes, I am half-Asian, and yes, I have faced racism for being an Asian male, most bizarrely of course, from Asian women. The majority of half-Asians I have met and seen, look like Asian men.

Several Asian women in my family go out of their way to express their hatred of Asians, going so far as to say things like “I couldn’t wait to leave China to be around white people.” All of these women attack and belittle their white male partners, referring to them to their faces as stupid, ugly, etc.

Keep in mind that most half-Asian men look and identify as Asian males. Add to this fact that the only white men who are accepting of this behavior are those so desperate as to see this as “flattering,” i.e., those who are so intimidated by non-whites that they need a failsafe, unchallenged, “romantic” validation of their white male power. Many of these desperate white men also hate Asians, in particular – Asian men.

Also, note that the woman makes no mention of love. She mentions money, and genes. And that’s it. She refers to herself as a “witch,” which implies an emotionally abusive, cruel, hostile Asian mother who will torture her Asian looking children and shame them for looking “too Asian.” She doesn’t marry for love (normal to Asian societies), so she marries a cast-off from white society; i.e., an ugly, socially-rejected white male who couldn’t get white women, so blames it on “feminism” and conspiracy theories. Oftentimes, the harassing, negative, abusive nature of the Asian woman, who more often than not, refuses him sex because she is not attracted to him, causes these men to be even more racist.

Also note that she refers to white men as “genetic improvement.” This fails to acknowledge two things:

  • That real whites (the ones who aren’t forced to marry self-hating Asian women) will view half-Asians as genetic downgrades.
  • That usually the only men these self-hating women can get, are in fact the men far too weird, or ugly, to function within their own white societies (e.g., racists, ugly men, etc)..
  • That even self-hating Asian women are unable to tell half-Asians from full Asians.

So the children will

  • look Asian,
  • generally inherit their mother and fathers’ (lacking) looks and mental health and
  • be subject to horrific parenting (extremely abusive mom + battered, deliberately ignorant white dad).

All like me.

All simply because self-hating Asians are incapable of love, only understanding marriages and childbirth as a process of removing their own “ugliness” – in their minds, not mine.

This has been going on for nearly 50 years, with Asian women in particular being used as quite literal surrogates for white supremacy. And foolishly, society decided to ignore this because, well, society is just as full of crap itself to care.

What if I told everyone that white dads and Asian moms are the most racist people to be raising a biracial child, that they are intent on bringing back the golden age of the white man’s world, and that there are millions of biracial children being raised by conservative, right wing white men, and Asian women looking to feel a sense of power and belonging?