To sum it up, she was convicted of abetting a racial genocide of a group of people in her country.

She married a very unattractive (yes, objectively) English male with a penchant for Asian culture. Coincidence? Seems that Asian culture attracts a certain type of male.

Had two children, who are both in their 40’s and from the looks of it, unmarried, fitting the Hapa dynamic to a T. Awkward, strange looking, emasculated by their own mother and father.

So, essentially, it’s the same thing as always, just on a grandiose scale.

Very racist Asian woman marries a creepazoid white man, gets convicted of being a racist, has two half-Asian sons who look full blown Asian and can’t get laid.

Yeah and you wonder why half-Asian chilren of Asian males do better.

Oh by the way I’m not racist, I’m half Asian.