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I usually contain 4chan trash to its own thread but the above one was very telling.

Half Asians aren’t supposed to identify as Asian. We’re supposed to identify as white, and join our daddies in their fight to save the west from those evil slutty white women and those evil communist Asian men, oh, and also those big, bad scary black guys.

How dare half-Asians have difficulty with their mental health being raised by a white nationalist with an Asian wife – because he couldn’t get a white woman – because he was too ugly and had way too many mental / emotional problems!

In all seriousness…

Assuming Asian women are being bussed into replace white women, and Asian women are hoping for white kids, and to replace white women…

This is essentially bargain bin, knock-off white supremacy, which is still dangerous, because if these people in power (look at Silicon Valley and Mitch McConnell) had their way, anyone who looks vaguely non-white would be shipped out.

The problem with being Hapa is that we don’t look white. Sometimes we look Asian, which is bad too. More often we look non-identifiable, which is probably the WORST when it comes to racist WMAF. Their ideal is that they’re a white man / white woman, with one problem, the woman isn’t white, but both wish she was.

The BIGGEST irony is that non-Asian ethnic men (who white men hate) probably do a better job of creating healthy biracial children (with white women) able to survive the CURRENT atmosphere, let alone one ruled by racist white tech geeks.

Ever notice that most biracials who are successful have white moms?