I found within ten seconds of going onto a white nationalist website (I do this periodically to just see right wing yellow fever in action). My father was a Nazi-sympathizer who believed the Holocaust didn’t happen, but should have, and that Jews were responsible for the destruction of the west; he was married to a Chinese woman who learned too late that her husband was a Nazi.

Anti-semites take a fascination in Asian countries for being “un-Jewed”, or “uncorrupted” by Jewish influence which pushes “degeneracy,” “multiculturalism, blacks, etc. In other words – Asians are the only people who aren’t intimidating to white men, who are afraid of the freedom of choice that western societies offer women. Asians, and Asian women, offer them a chance to feel powerful; a locus of control for their masculine insecurity.

They use Asians (and in particular the women), as a way to preach their conspiracy theories, which white women won’t tolerate. They operate in Asia – outside of the scrutiny of westerners. Some even wind up marrying Asian women, who they fetishize as being “conservative, chaste, prude, innocent” women who won’t sleep with black men or challenge white male supremacy. Some Asian women, being naive enough to fall for this, are unable to understand this cultural tick, and marriage to a right wing, mentally-unstable white male is her best way of avoid a genuine, loving and sexual relationship with an Asian male, as well as getting the benefits of a “western” lifestyle – all pragmatist, without love, without affection – which sometimes drives these rejected white men into a deeper right wing state of mind in their attempt to come to terms with their “zombie marriage.”

This has been going on for decades. I’m in my 30’s now and my father was doing this in the 80’s.

How many damaged biracial children – who hate their Asian side and wish to live up to their white supremacist fathers’ demands – are there being raised by Nazis and Asian women? Millions?

I’ve been warning people of this for ten years – the damage done from the peculiar phenomenon of far-right white men married to Asian women will be irreparable.

In what world is this good for a biracial person? Unfortunately a lot of sexually frustrated Nazis who are willing to accomodate Asian women into their worldview, seem too stupid to realize that in NO WORLD does this lead to anything good.